Episode 79: Unlocking the Unstoppable Mindset with Jason Yarusi’s LIVE 100 and 432 WON the Day Success Formula

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Jason Yarusi06/06/2024

Maintaining an unstoppable mindset is crucial for personal growth and professional success in a world of constant change and disruption. Whether navigating career transitions, building a business, or pushing physical and mental boundaries, the ability to embrace challenges, adapt to shifts, and persevere through adversity can be the difference between stagnation and extraordinary accomplishments.

For this #shifthappens episode, host Mario Carvajal, AvePoint's Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, and Dux Raymond Sy, AvePoint's Chief Brand Officer, invited Jason Yarusi, an entrepreneur, real estate investor and endurance athlete, to share his insights on cultivating resilience, seizing control, and living with purpose.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned leader, or someone seeking to unlock your full potential, this episode offers invaluable insights into embracing an unstoppable mindset. This mindset empowers you to navigate life's twists and turns with courage, clarity, and an unshakable sense of purpose.

The Power of Taking Action

One of the central themes Jason emphasized was the importance of taking action, even if it means making mistakes along the way. He shared a pivotal moment in his life when he was hit by a car while biking home from a job he disliked.

Despite the traumatic experience, his immediate thought was to return to that unfulfilling job to pay rent, prompting him to reevaluate his priorities and start making positive changes.

Since then, Jason has advocated two critical unstoppable mindsets for success: the100-Mile Mindset and the 4-3-2 Morning Routine.

Breaking Down Daunting Goals with the 100-Mile Mindset

One of the most powerful lessons Jason Yarusi shared is his "100-Mile Mindset" – a groundbreaking approach to tackling seemingly insurmountable goals by breaking them down into manageable, bite-sized steps.

As an endurance athlete, Jason faced the daunting challenge of running 100-mile races – a feat that would push the limits of physical and mental endurance for even the most seasoned runners. However, instead of being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task, Jason adopted a mindset that allowed him to conquer the race one step at a time.

"If we were to think, 'Oh, I only have 99 miles left,' usually we put our goals so far outside our sights that we can't see accomplishing them," Jason explained. "So, most of the time, we just stop. But by breaking it down into incremental steps, you create a series of actionable events that you can reach, one after the other, until you've conquered the entire challenge."

By breaking down the seemingly impossible into manageable increments – running from one water station to the next or from one landmark to another – Jason was able to maintain focus and momentum without being overwhelmed by the entirety of the challenge.

This simple yet profound mindset shift allowed him to complete his first 100-mile race and has since become a guiding principle for tackling any daunting goal, whether in his business ventures, personal life, or future endurance challenges.

Seizing Control with the 432 WON the Day Morning Routine

In a world where distractions and demands constantly vie for our attention, reclaiming control of our time and energy is crucial for living a purposeful, productive life. For Jason Yarusi, this pursuit of control begins with a meticulously crafted morning routine that he calls the "432 Morning Routine."

At the seemingly ungodly hour of 4:32 AM, Jason's day begins with a ritual that sets the tone for the rest of his waking hours. "When I do that, I seize back control of the most important part of my mind, the time in the morning to set myself in the right way to go out there for the day," Jason explained. "And that's allowed me to take back that time."

This carefully curated routine is more than just a series of tasks; it's a ritual that anchors Jason's sense of control and empowerment, allowing him to approach each day with intentionality and purpose. By seizing control of his mornings, he sets the stage for a day filled with focus, productivity, and a heightened ability to navigate life's inevitable challenges with resilience and grace.

Moreover, Jason's 432 Morning Routine serves as a powerful reminder that while we may not be able to control the external circumstances that life throws our way, we can always take control of our internal state – our mindset, our energy, and our preparedness to face whatever comes our way.

The Pause for Clarity: Embracing Rest as Part of the Journey

Our relentless pursuit of success and growth makes it easy to become consumed by a constant state of activity and motion. We work tirelessly, chase goals, and push ourselves to the limits, often forgetting that rest and reflection are equally essential parts of the journey.

Jason Yarusi understands this paradox well. As an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and endurance athlete, he has experienced the power of hard work and perseverance firsthand. However, he also recognizes the profound importance of periodically pausing, stepping back, and gaining clarity amidst the chaos of a rapidly changing world.

According to Jason, this pause is not a sign of weakness or laziness; rather, it's a strategic investment in self-awareness and intentionality. By stepping away from the constant demands of our daily lives, we create the space necessary to truly evaluate our progress, recalibrate our efforts, and ensure that we're not simply going through the motions or chasing goals that no longer serve us.

Jason reminds us of a profound truth: true productivity and success are not measured by the sheer volume of activity or the number of tasks we tackle but by the intentionality and alignment of our actions with our deepest goals and values.

The Unstoppable Mindset: A Balanced Approach to Thriving in Change

Through his personal experiences and insights, Jason Yarusi reminds us that cultivating an unstoppable mindset is not about powering through life's challenges blindly but rather about taking purposeful action, breaking down daunting goals into manageable steps, and periodically pausing to gain clarity and perspective. By embracing this mindset, we can navigate the constant shifts and changes in our personal and professional lives with resilience, focus, and a deep sense of purpose.

The pause for clarity is not a luxury; it's a necessary component of sustainable success and fulfillment. By allowing ourselves to rest, reflect, and recalibrate, we maintain our sanity and well-being and ensure that our efforts are directed toward the goals and aspirations that genuinely matter to us. In a world that never stops moving, pausing and gaining clarity may be the ultimate competitive advantage.

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