Is Your Data Ready for AI?

Without clean, organized, and accessible data, even the most advanced AI systems will struggle to deliver results for your organization. But with a solid information management strategy in place, you’re nearly twice as likely to experience success with your AI implementation.

The AI and Information Management Report provides comprehensive insights into the role of information management in AI success. Based on insights from over 750 business leaders across 16 countries and 10 industries, this report explores the challenges and opportunities of AI implementation and offers practical recommendations to enhance your data management for AI success.

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of organizations faced data quality and organization challenges during AI implementation

As organizations adopt AI, gaps in data readiness appear.

While 80% of organizations believed their data was primed for AI application, over half (52%) faced significant challenges with internal data quality and organization during AI implementation. The disconnect between perception and reality may be the result of organizations not fully appreciating the complexity of data management in today's data landscape, nor the skills required to effectively navigate it.


of organizations lack basic information management measures

Inadequate information management strategies may be the root cause of data issues during AI implementation.

While a significant number of organizations (88%) claim to have an information management (IM) strategy in place, study findings suggest that many may not fully understand the essential components of such a strategy; only just over half have basic measures like archiving and retention policies (56%) and lifecycle management solutions (56%) in place. These measures are critical to ensuring the quality of data and the lack of such measures may be what is causing 95% of organizations to experience challenges during AI implementation.


more likely to succeed with AI by having a mature information management strategy

Organizations with more effective data management were more likely to achieve ROI on their AI investments.

Despite only 17% of organizations prioritizing a robust data strategy as the most effective way to ensure return on investments from AI, the survey revealed organizations with mature information management strategies are 1.5x more likely to realize benefits from AI than those with less mature strategies. These organizations were more likely to see early advantages like improved efficiency and productivity (74%), enhanced decision-making (67%), and resource optimization (65%).

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The future of Al will be shaped by the actions that organizations take today. By prioritizing effective data management and information governance, organizations can build a foundation of trust in Al that will enable them to harness its full potential while safeguarding against potential risks and negative consequences.


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