Find out how Bravo's longstanding collaboration with AvePoint enabled them to elevate their services and achieve transformative business growth

Success Highlights

Closed additional deals with AvePoint expertise
Enhanced customer journey through the integration of AvePoint solutions
Streamlined sales motion and reduced decision fatigue
Built a strong partnership that drives growth and innovation
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Customer Location Leesburg, Virginia

Industry Information Technology

Platform Microsoft 365,Dynamics 365,Power Platform,Microsoft Azure

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Bravo Consulting Group, LLC is a Small disadvantaged, minority-owned business. Since 2007, Bravo has been a trusted service provider for the federal government, intelligence community, and private sector, striving to simplify how customers create, share, and secure their intelligent information. Bravo’s strong 14-year partnership with AvePoint underscores its commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions, offering services including cloud migrations, cloud management, security assessments, governance, and application modernization.

Critical Needs

  • Alignment between Bravo services and vendor technology
  • Shared vision to maximize value of Microsoft 365 for customers
  • Trust and effective communication to better serve clients

The Challenge

For Bravo Consulting Group, it can be a challenge to find a vendor who understands the importance of a true partnership. Matt Urbowicz, Executive Director at Bravo Consulting Group, explains that many vendors operate as if relationships with service providers are simply hand-offs. This transactional nature can impact customer relationships and the perception Bravo’s customers have of their services.

That’s why Bravo needs vendors who recognize their unique strengths and work collaboratively with them to enhance their services and drive business growth. To get ahead of this, they take a proactive approach when seeking out new vendors, ensuring they prioritize collaboration and mutual growth, to better help the consultants differentiate themselves in the market and deliver exceptional value to their clients.

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The partnership with AvePoint has been transformative for our business. By integrating AvePoint's products with our professional services, we have been able to offer our customers more comprehensive solutions. This synergy has not only enhanced the value we provide but has also differentiated us in a competitive marketplace.

Matt Urbowicz
Executive Director, Bravo Consulting Group

The AvePoint Solution

Bravo Consulting Group and AvePoint established their partnership a decade ago, and their collaboration remains robust. Together, they work closely to help customers fully leverage their Microsoft 365 environments, driving value for both companies and their clients by enhancing productivity and securing collaboration.

Matt says, “The partnership with AvePoint has been transformative for our business. By integrating AvePoint's products with our professional services, we have been able to offer our customers more comprehensive solutions. This synergy has not only enhanced the value we provide but has also differentiated us in a competitive marketplace.”

Because AvePoint doesn’t just offer one product and has a comprehensive platform that optimizes SaaS operations and secures collaboration, Bravo can “work with AvePoint in every possible way,” according to Matt. “AvePoint isn’t just migration. It isn’t just backup or assessment. It’s a complete platform that enhances what we already do. This is valuable for us because there is always an AvePoint solution that meets our customers’ unique needs along their journeys.”

This, in turn, allows them to build the products into their sales motion. “Engineers follow an established process. They already know what product they’ll use to deliver a solution to our customers. When we deliver migration, it’s Fly. When we deliver governance, it’s Cloud Governance. This reduces decision fatigue and gives customers confidence.”

One of the reasons for the success of this partnership is the open communication and trust between the two organizations. As Matt explains, “Trust and effective communication form the bedrock of the partnership between Bravo and AvePoint, enabling us to have both easy and tough conversations. This transparency is crucial for a successful partnership.”

Their open communication and trust have allowed them to overcome challenges and identify opportunities that benefit both companies and their customers. Matt shares a recent example, explaining:

"We turned a cold call with a customer of a competitor into a successful deal by leveraging AvePoint's expertise. The product positioning insights, differentiation strategies, and objection-handling tips from AvePoint helped us ace the discovery and demo call. We closed the deal with five products, including one identified during deployment.”

The partnership with AvePoint has been so successful that Bravo has increased its investment in the relationship. “We have chosen to reinvest in the partnership with AvePoint, demonstrating our commitment and belief in its value,” says Matt. “We've done this by expanding our team of engineers and creating a dedicated resource pool specifically for supporting Bravo/AvePoint joint accounts. This strategic investment ensures our clients receive the best possible service while also reinforcing the strength and longevity of our partnership with AvePoint. The impact of this partnership has been significant, and we look forward to the continued growth and innovation it enables for us.”

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The Road Ahead

The success of a vendor partnership relies on more than just technology alignment. Collaboration, open communication, and trust are also crucial factors. The partnership between AvePoint and Bravo is a prime example of how these factors can transform a business and create significant impact.

The long-standing partnership has enabled the organizations to leverage each other's strengths, work as a team, and focus on the customer's needs to drive business growth and value for customers.

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