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Cloud Providers Protect their Service – not your data!

Your cloud service comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). But a Service Level Agreement doesn’t cover it all. SLAs are focused on ensuring the availability of your cloud service. So, the next time you login to your Microsoft Teams app, Google Workspace, or, you can access the service. When it comes to your data, however, terms of service may not always protect you.

Cloud providers like Microsoft even encourage their customers to seek 3rd party enterprise cloud backup and recovery solutions. That's because some products like Azure Active Directory don't have a native backup solution. AvePoint’s Cloud Backup will keep you protected!

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Get Covered with AvePoint's Enterprise Cloud backup solutions

Protect your data and bounce back fast from data loss with a cloud backup solution. Make sure you can recover from permissions fiascos, corrupt content, or complex data loss scenarios. Enterprise cloud-to-cloud backup can help make the best of a worst-case scenario. Whether it’s user error, an outage, or a ransomware attack—you need a backup!

Make sure you’re covered for:

Anytime access

You need offline access to data during service outages

Long-term retention

Your retention requirements may exceed service-provided SLAs

Prevent data loss

You need flexible, granular roll-back to avoid data loss upon restore


Protecting Your Cloud Data

What’s the best approach to protecting your cloud data? You’ve already made the choice to go to the cloud for a SaaS service like, Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. So, avoid the overhead of VM-based, on-premises, or hybrid solutions. Stick with SaaS!


Meet AvePoint Cloud Backup

AvePoint’s been backing up your business-critical content since SharePoint was Team Services, and Microsoft 365 was BPOS. Our SaaS solution for multi-cloud backup has been in market since 2013. We know backup, and we’ll cover your SaaS!

Cloud to Cloud Backup

Our backup is 100% SaaS. Whether you’ve got 10 or 10,000 users, get the same powerful yet elegant service. Automatic cloud backups run from day one, so you’re fully protected.

Unlimited Storage & Retention

Our customers and partners trust us to protect over 50 petabytes of their data. We’re built to scale, with services in over a dozen global data centers.

Encrypted by Design, and Default

Your data is secure. Use our built-in storage and encryption, or bring your own storage and key. Plus, we’re ISO:27001 certified so you can rest easy.
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AvePoint Named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Application Data Protection

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Built with YOU in mind

Our best cloud backup service delivers value to your entire organization.

Drive IT Efficiency

For Cloud Service Admins

We build in best practices and automate controls to take the complexity out of configuration. Easily delegate restores to power users, or end users! You can stay focused on higher-value projects.

Reduce Risk

For C-Suite and Security Execs

We know that the ROI of our unlimited cloud backup service comes with our speed of restore. We minimize downtime for our customers and partners to enable resiliency of your critical cloud services, even in the event of ransomware or other disaster.

Drive Productivity

For End Users

Get back to work faster in case of service outage, permissions fiasco, or content corruption. Our end user apps let you recover what you need. No more waiting on IT!

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MSPs, we’ve got your back(up)!

We make multi-tenant management a breeze with our Elements Portal, built just for you. Our best backup products are available in global distributor marketplaces for flat, fixed rates. Add on our Ransomware Warranty to any Cloud Backup SKU for maximum assurance and resilience. Take advantage of monthly billing!

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Boost Your Cloud Confidence

Exceed Expectations with AvePoint Cloud Backup


The coverage you want. The cloud you need.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Backup Teams, Groups, mailboxes, and more. Minimize downtime and data loss with the most complete service protection and flexible restore. Get encrypted, ensure compliance, stay protected.

Cloud Backup for Office 365

Azure Backup

Protect your groups, users and business critical application configurations. Flexible backup and restore of your Azure AD, Azure VM, Blob and File Storage all within AvePoint Online Services.

Cloud Backup for Azure

Dynamics 365 Backup

Automated backup for your critical CRM data. Flexible storage and capacity options ensure all of your cloud investments are secure, and you can restore on-demand.

Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365

Google Workspace Backup

Protect your Gmail, contacts, calendars, and drives automatically, up to 4 times a day! Your data is encrypted by default and stored in our secure cloud storage.

Cloud Backup for Google Workspace

Ransomware Resilience

Enable Ransomware Detection for Microsoft 365, and get your own money-backed backup by adding on a Ransomware Warranty to ANY Cloud Backup solution.

Ransomware Protection and Response Backup

With a combination of automatic daily backups for Salesforce and sandbox, on-demand backups, and comprehensive restore, we keep your business moving forward.

Cloud Backup for Salesforce