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5 Things On My Office 365, SharePoint & Microsoft Teams Wishlist

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Put these Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Presents Under the Tree 

Dear Microsoft,  

I have a few things that I want for the holidays for Microsoft 365, Office 365 and SharePoint Online! 

My mom says that I’ve been a good boy this year. Due to our nation’s decreased reliance on coal, I have a feeling that it’s less likely I’ll get a(‘nother) piece of coal in my stocking.  

Check out my list below (twice)! 


Hunter Willis 

1. More Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 End User Adoption Tools 

The open test environment that you’ve created for Microsoft Teams is TOP NOTCH! You’ve also clearly invested in a new level of training and adoption content for Microsoft Teams that makes understanding the solution much easier, with lots of meat and potatoes to help create internal training content.  

There’s also the Fast Track center and other adoption tools that have been relied upon for a long time. I know I speak for the community when I say that continuing this trend of improving free training content, easily accessible end user adoption tools and “tips and tricks” type material is a huge plus in assisting the onboarding process and continuing training for Office 365. 

At AvePoint, we have been doing our part to create materials like our newest eBook to assist both IT pros and end users on how to best use Microsoft Teams and manage Office 365 groups. We have also created a series of tables on “When to use Microsoft Teams vs other collaboration tools.” 

TeamsTablePleaseWork3 1

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2. More reliability and connectors for Flow. 

Flow in Office 365 is an amazing solution that has a great deal of promise. I have used it to reduce my workload for regular tasks, as have many thousands of others!  

However, with all the testing and uses I’ve set up, Flow is not quite reliable enough to be the backbone of an Enterprise plan- but it’s almost there!  

I’d love to see the solution continue to provide adaptability and more of the amazing connections it offers, but with a bit fewer failed kickoffs. Maybe more training like the walkthroughs and debugging sites will help too! 

3. More than 5,000 items in a SharePoint list view 

The SharePoint list is such a versatile tool and it’s no wonder that so many organizations I speak to remain dedicated to using their lists for the collection, maintenance, and inputting of data.  

The announcement this year that lists and libraries can now contain millions of items/documents is a great leap forward! This being true, the easiest way to manage the metadata and information attached to lists and libraries is via views. Even though there are other methods for managing large lists and libraries, many of my customers hope this limit will be extended to at least 100,000 items one day. 

4. More PowerShell and API options for Microsoft Teams 

You know it. We know it. Microsoft Teams is where things are going. I know more Microsoft Teams PowerShell and API options are coming soon, but we all want them NOW!! Microsoft Teams is great and we’re very much looking forward to seeing how Bots and continued improvement in AI can make work and collaboration much easier- as well as the other settings, options, and integrations that are coming soon!  

5. More specific roadmap guides for partners like AvePoint to continue to provide quality solutions 

We talk so much, we’re practically besties, and we love the communication we have!  

We also like to see how you are approaching the release of your functionality via the developer roadmaps. This will help us understand the strategic approaches for apps and solutions outside of the Microsoft Teams and Office 365 functionality that we already know is coming.  

This helps us incorporate integration strategy into the reliable migrationcloud backup and restorecompliancemanagement, and governance tools offered by AvePoint to make platform management easier in hybrid or cloud Office 365 and Microsoft 365 environments. 

But Most of All Thank You 

Microsoft, I love the value that you continue to add to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365 for the value of a continuous subscription license. (I’ll be playing with the WhiteBoard preview soon too!).

I’m happy these wishes are for MORE of the same value that you already provide to your subscribers. Thank you for all you are doing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365 to make work and collaboration easier!  

I hope you enjoy these… 


Hunter W.
Hunter W.
​Hunter Willis has been in web development, SEO and Social Media marketing for over a decade, and entered the SharePoint space in 2016. Throughout his career he has developed internal collaboration sites, provided technical and strategic advice, and managed solutions for small to large organizations. In addition, Hunter has served as a strategy consultant for many companies and non-profits in the Richmond area.


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