How We Value Diversity & Inclusion Within Our Recruitment Practice

Post Date: 07/06/2021
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At AvePoint, we embrace our diverse workforce and have an ongoing commitment to hiring diverse people to build upon our inclusive teams. Focusing on diversity and inclusion offers different perspectives, fresh ideas, and better business results, but it also helps our staff feel respected and valued for their unique perspectives and potential. 

What does D&I mean to our recruitment team? 

Within our recruitment practice, we seek out candidates who represent a spectrum of qualities and characteristics. We strive to ensure everyone who goes through our interview process sees that inclusion at AvePoint involves facilitating connections and knowing that our workplace is a safe space. 

Showcasing our people 

We have invested in various talent branding programs to showcase our people who all have different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. The goal of these programs is to attract other diverse candidates to join our organization. We feature our employees on our careers site and blog, highlighting their interests, hobbies, career goals and advice. Our people – our most important asset – have such unique stories! 

Diversity outreach 

Beyond talent branding, we aim to present a variety of candidates for every job opening across the globe. Today, we are doing this through creative sourcing strategies via research and employee input. We have experimented with posting our roles to various job boards and sourcing for candidates and proactively reaching out to those involved in assorted school associations, LinkedIn groups and local organizations. In doing so, we have hired people that have recommended their friends and colleagues to us, which has significantly helped us with our diverse hiring efforts! 

Interview practices 

When it comes to our interview process, we have standardized interview plans across all roles so that every candidate is qualified against predetermined questions to assess their skills, attributes, and alignment with our core values. We are constantly educating ourselves and our hiring managers on how we can continue to ensure our interview process aligns with our D&I efforts. This is done via candidate feedback, surveys, and research. We are also encouraging all of our staff to share with prospective candidates more about our culture and what D&I means to us. We want candidates to feel that their recruiting experience is a comfortable and accessible one! 

Advancing our D&I efforts within recruitment is more important than ever. It’s an ever-learning process, but we’re committed to ongoing education and progress to continue prioritizing it and making our workplace as diverse and inclusive as possible! 

Melissa Fingerhut's journey with AvePoint began in 2013. As the leader of global talent acquisition, she has dedicated her career to mastering the art of recruiting in the tech industry. Melissa takes pride in helping AvePoint discover exceptional talent and expand their horizons.

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