Welcome to the Partner Sales & Technical Bootcamp!

Join us for an exciting 1 day program, where we will dive into the technical and sales essentials to get you geared up for FY24.

Sessions will cover an overview of the AvePoint Product roadmap and key industry trends this year. We will also showcase how you can leverage AvePoint tools to cater to your customers' unique needs and accelerate your MSP business! Get the chance to network with your peers, learn best practices, and share your feedback with us. We will host a general session in the morning, and in the afternoon we will split up into two groups:

Technical Bootcamp
Designed for Technical Pre-Sales, Engineers, Administrators

Sales Bootcamp
Designed for Business Managers, Sales, Customer Success Reps


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May 28, 2024

New Babylon Gardens
Avepoint Benelux
Anna van Buerenplein 41
Floor 4 DE
2595 BG Den Haag

June 4, 2024

Microsoft België
Brussels National Airport - Passport Building1K
BE-1930 Zaventem