Learn About Offering Solutions and Services in the Emerging Category of Collaboration Security

What is Collaboration Security?

  • Access Control: Control and monitor access to sensitive business information
  • Backup: Protect against service outages, ransomware, and data loss
  • Provisioning & Management: Keep environments tidy, well-managed, and secure
  • Secure Migration: Move from unsecure and dark system to secure collaboration

In this session you will learn how the AvePoint Collaboration Security products allow you to offer secure collaboration solutions to your customers and to increase your services revenue by offering security and management for Microsoft 365, Teams, Dynamics, and Salesforce.

Get an overview of our solutions and learn how to:

Project the increased economic opportunity for your business generated by AvePoint solutions and services.
Create effective selling motions for customers starting their adoption of collaboration systems like Microsoft Teams and for those who have already adopted.
Develop both one-time and monthly services that drive value and demand-- from security assessments to workspace management and access monitoring services.
Bundle and package the range of secure collaboration services and solutions that is right for your specific customers’ needs.
Explain common gaps in Microsoft Teams deployments and the need for collaboration security services using a proven consultative sales approach.

Register today and see how you can increase your services revenue!

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