Dux Raymond Sy
Dux Raymond Sy

Microsoft RD and MVP, AvePoint Chief Brand Officer


Sharon Weaver
Sharon Weaver

Owner/CEO, Smarter Consulting


Improve Alignment To Unlock Value

It sounds simple. Ensure your users have access to the Microsoft 365 services and data they need and remove the access to the services and data they don’t.

In reality, this is difficult to manage at scale and the resulting inefficiencies have serious impacts on organizational productivity.

Maximizing your M365 investment starts with entitlements. Our experts will walk you through the Microsoft license management interface along with approaches to common challenges organizations face including:

  • Understanding if departments, regions or even individuals are over/under assigned
  • Aligning license cost to business goals and budgets
  • Developing chargeback and predictive pricing models
  • Incorporating feedback from business units and empowering them to control their licensing
  • Understand the impacts of line-item discounts, license upgrades, and premium SKUs from Microsoft

Once you have a strong process in place to ensure your M365 services are being deployed widely across your organization, you need to ensure your are maximizing those services.

Providing someone access to Microsoft Teams while overly restricting file sharing is like giving someone a car without any gas in the tank. It just doesn’t get you where you want to go.

Our experts will walk you through the different ways to configure collaboration in the Security and Compliance Center and strategies for how to securely enable file sharing both internally and externally.

We will focus on how to identify and remediate possible data leaks without hampering productive sharing including:

Overshared sensitive data
Overprivileged and shadow users
Anonymous sharing links
Enforcing controls for membership and configuration

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