Christian Buckley
Christian Buckley

Microsoft GTM Director, AvePoint | Microsoft Regional Director + Office Apps & Services MVP


Kate Faaland
Kate Faaland

Senior Vice President, ACS & Product Strategy


It’s Time to Pack Up Your Data. Are You Ready?

The number of organizations using Microsoft 365 for remote work continues to surge.

But many companies still need to plan and deploy their migration journey so employees can collaborate effectively, no matter the setting.

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll gain smart strategies and learn about AvePoint solutions designed to make any migration to M365 easy.

Discover how to analyze content and structure your source environment to identify potential migration issues before they happen. And when you’re ready to go, be equipped with the right tools to consolidate Office 365 tenants, content in other clouds, or even on-premises mail and files into Microsoft 365 or the latest SharePoint version.

From emails and chats to critical files, there’s a lot to consider when moving your company’s information from on-premises. Key questions include:

How do I identify what content to migrate (and what to leave behind?)
What about priority? Which email accounts or files should go first?
Can I retain my legacy content sources — including folder structures, attachments, document properties, and all associated metadata?
Why are files with privacy/security violations and corrupted content a hazard?
Is a bulk move or a “bit-by-bit” schedule the best option for me?
What can we do with redundant or unnecessary legacy files?
How do I minimize business disruption, reduce throttling, and stay on track?

Learn How to Deliver a Stress-Free M365 Migration

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