John Hodges
John Hodges

Vice President of Product Strategy, AvePoint


Brent Ellis
Brent Ellis

Senior Analyst, Forrester


Embrace the cloud with a clear outlook

A rapid and necessary rush to the cloud boosted productivity for many companies during the pandemic. Most enterprises aspire to have $8 out of every $10 for IT hosting go toward the cloud by 2024, according to a McKinsey report.

Despite this progress, a crossroads remains: Businesses must protect their critical assets, and employees need a seamless digital experience that promotes flexible, easy collaboration from anywhere.

How can business and IT leaders be ready for today and what’s next?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how SaaS management solutions from AvePoint support a modern and agile approach that supports safe, user-empowered productivity.

Our speakers will discuss SaaS data-protection solutions and best practices rooted in the following:

  • Strong scalability: The need for solution providers that are equipped to handle data coverage at different levels is imperative, especially for big companies with big amounts of data. See how different frameworks and dashboards for managed service providers can help to deliver and monitor solutions at scale.
  • Multi-cloud coverage: It's becoming increasingly evident that migrating, managing, and protecting data isn't limited to Microsoft 365. From Salesforce to Google Workspace, the need for data protection within different platforms is growing every day. As the Forrester New Wave: SaaS Applications Data Protection Q4 2021 suggests, this will be a key area of investment for vendors and solutions providers alike.
  • Easy recovery and assistance: With record data breaches, how can businesses keep their employees safe + empower them to do the right thing? We'll discuss people focused functions like delegated administration, self-service restore for users and a virtual chatbot.
  • Future-ready advice: Finally, we’ll look toward the future to offer guidance on how to continue providing broad coverage for businesses and users by not only identifying targeted solutions for IT professionals but by putting end users first as their needs and workplace configurations evolve.

Don’t move to the cloud without checking our forecast. Register to watch the webinar now!

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