Intelligent Microsoft 365 Archiving

Combat rising cloud storage costs and information overload

The cloud is the defacto place to work. Collaboration, file and document storage, and even records management have shifted to Microsoft 365.

The problem? All your videos, images, and other large files (and their versions!) can easily over-run your SharePoint and content storage allowance. Microsoft has started charging for storage overages, so now is the time to get your files in check to avoid an unexpected bill. Plus, all that content makes it harder for users to find what they need.

Intelligent archiving can move data to lower cost cloud storage, improve data quality, and ensure compliance.

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The Benefits of Microsoft 365 Archiving

Save on Microsoft 365 storage costs

Reduce cloud storage overages by removing large media files or stale content from your Microsoft 365 sites and content stores

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Manage information lifecycle

Create storage tiers to move content based on time or metadata-based triggers to keep active workspaces clean and uncluttered

Support records management

Create term stores, apply classification, and implement file plans. Store and archive content in encrypted, compliant, and exportable formats

Complete your Information Lifecycle with Cloud Records


Automate content retention in Microsoft 365

Apply lifecycle management policies to Microsoft 365 content. Use business rules and filters to move content to lower cost storage, remove and delete content, or retain immutable, read-only copies.

Archive content to save on your next monthly bill, or enable defensible disposition. Maintain comprehensive audit trails of content that has been archived, declared a record, moved, or deleted.


Swift, simple and on-demand restore

Restore archived content any time you want, back to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online, Groups, and OneDrive for Business with metadata, workflows, and permissions intact.

Easily browse for content to restore based on its original Microsoft 365 location, or using advanced search and filter conditions.

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Value just for YOU

Reduce storage costs & optimize cloud infrastructure

For M365 Services Owners and Infrastructure Leads

Combat rising cloud storage costs as your cloud footprint grows. Easily implement automated, hierarchical storage management across your cloud infrastructure.

Improved user experience

For End Users

Automatically filter unused or outdated content and sites to improve data quality, search results, and overall user experience.

Enable security & compliance

For InfoSec & Records Managers

Export content into compliant formats, prove content disposition in accordance with compliance policies, and enforce records outcomes without user intervention.

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Intelligent Archiving & Recovery Features

Granular or site-level archiving

Archive content from Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online, Group, or Team sites and OneDrive for Business.

Business rules and filters

Archive M365 content based content type, owner, last modified date and time, last accessed time, file size, parent list type ID, parent folder name, or custom metadata fields.

High fidelity archiving

Archive site collections, sites, lists, libraries, folders, apps, items, document versions or attachments. Keep metadata, workflow state, and permissions in-tact.

Records management integration

Identify and declare records, including the ability to remove or maintain a read-only copy of content in-place.

Flexible online storage

Store in Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Rackspace, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), NetApp AltaVault, Box, and Dropbox, and SFTP or FTP locations.

Hierarchical storage management

Align one or more cloud storage systems to support a cost effective storage hierarchy.

Retention policies

Preserve or delete content in compliance with information management policies, or to move stale content to cheaper storage.

On-demand restore

Granularly restore archived content back to Microsoft 365 sites across SharePoint, Teams, and Groups, or OneDrive for Business.

Export into compliant formats

Export archives in multiple formats, including VEO, for regulatory compliance.

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Archive to Thrive with Microsoft 365

Save costs, improve experiences, and ensure compliance.