Achieving Seamless Global Collaboration with DocAve Replicator

Post Date: 03/29/2012
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​For years now we’ve seen the influence of globalization. Collaboration no longer happens in just the boardrooms of local offices, it happens across oceans. It is also now an undeniable truth that Microsoft SharePoint is a mission-critical platform for many organizations. SharePoint is in high demand because it offers an answer to the fundamental need for an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Users have come to expect high-quality enterprise search for content, content access with minimal latency, and the ability to collaborate with team members whether they are online or offline using the same synchronized content. Users have also come to expect transparency, irrespective of the underlying infrastructure. People just want to get their work done. Content must remain synchronized whether it is across multiple sites in a single domain or across a sprawling geo-distributed network of farms servicing thousands of users.

Solutions to ensure this availability of content and its synchronization abound. Microsoft offers options out-of-the-box, such as BranchCache™. For organizations leveraging Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization, if a user tries to access content stored on a remote farm, BranchCache will pull the content and store it in local cache on a local Windows server machine for content access.

Even though this capability helps organizations enhance content availability in some instances, challenges still exist:

· Initial download performance · Local copy access for end users · Caching security settings · Real-time synchronization of content · Granular content replication DocAve Replicator is designed with these needs in mind and more. Designed not only to keep content synchronized and locally available across SharePoint environments of all sizes, DocAve Replicator can also act as a content publishing tool. How? 1. DocAve Replicator takes full advantage of DocAve 6. o Wizards guide you through the process of setting up online and offline replication plans o Create Containers for replicated content at your destination on the fly o Track your replication tasks with ease thanks to improved Job Reports and a simplified
Plan Manager o Utilizes only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs 2. Replicate locally and/or globally. DocAve Replicator isn’t restricted to just one
environment, or one use case. o Keep company calendars in sync o Publish content to external sites o Synchronize collateral across multiple geo-distributed offices 3. Maintain Metadata of replicated content to ensure true synchronization. 4. Optimize your workloads with precise and fully customizable scheduled scans. o Decide how much gets sent and when to ensure your farm is running at peak efficiency
during production hours o Take advantage of an idle network during off-peak business hours 5. Just the deltas. o Byte-level differencing ensures that only the changes get replicated o Improve replication times significantly and optimize your WAN 6. Mapping features allow DocAve 6 Replicator to map unique user, language, security
settings, and permissions. 7. Take advantage of offline replication. o Keep content in sync even between environments with no connectivity or behind strict
firewalls o Export data to an external storage location, transport and reintroduce the content at the
destination with ease 8. Filters allow for the customization and granular control of any replication plan. o Trigger replication based on specific metadata o Configure replicator settings to allow end-users to dictate when content replication
should occur

Is your organization challenged with supporting globally distributed farms or complex content publication requirements? Download a free 30-day trial of Replicator today!

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