How to Back Up Critical Microsoft Teams Data in the Public Sector

Post Date: 09/11/2020
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Case Study – Aura Tech

The Challenge 

Office 365 backup is such an important offering for Aura Technologies, they effectively make it a mandatory part of their client engagements.

“It’s our job as the trusted advisor within the realm of IT to give them the best advice,” said Steve Stokes, director of business development, Aura Technology. “In the simple sense, it protects our reputation to have proper backup continuity in place for our customers.”

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Aura Technology had been using another vendor that wasn’t backing up everything in Office 365 and determined the risk was too great.

“We were using another market-leading vendor, however it did not provide functionality to back up Microsoft Teams including chat history and files,” said Stokes. “We evaluated other solutions and AvePoint’s features and price were the determining factors.”

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The AvePoint Solution

From the start, AvePoint Cloud Backup has been easy for Aura Technology to deploy and use.

“The deployment is very straightforward. We order licensing and it’s instantly provisioned for installation,” said Stokes. “We had a customer with 200 seats that we got deployed so fast we could orient them on it that day.”

Aura staff are tasked with several restores a month on average for their clients, and Cloud Backup has enhanced Aura’s operational efficiency.

“Users have great skill in losing folders, losing documents, or accidentally overwriting files—especially now with the autosave function in Office 365,” said Stokes. “AvePoint restores are really easy and intuitive. Junior staff can do it so there is very little overhead and very few problems with backup errors.”

Aura has also been investigating how AVA, AvePoint’s Teams chatbot for user self-service restore requests, can further enhance their operations.

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“We’ve started to inform customers [about AVA],” said Stokes. “We are going after big clients with hundreds or thousands of Office 365 users and we don’t want to exponentially scale the support operation, so any automation or AI that helps with service delivery helps us scale.”

Cloud Backup’s ability to support Office 365’s multi-geo functionality also allows Aura to support customers with data sovereignty requirements, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Aura Technology has been extremely satisfied with Cloud Backup.

“We see you guys as part of our success,” said Stokes. We are growing really quickly and need the right vendors to handle the demand.”

MSP Aura Tech Scales IT Support and Enhances Public Sector Offerings with Cloud Backup

Aura Technology

Aura Technology is a managed service provider (MSP) based on the south coast of England. They support thousands of users across hundreds of businesses in a variety of sectors.

Read the full case study here.

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