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The Importance of Integrated, Comprehensive Enterprise Software Solutions

Back in August, I wrote about the exciting changes that were rapidly developing in the SharePoint ISV marketplace when Metalogix acquired Axceler’s SharePoint assets. Now, another proof point of validation for the need of today’s software vendors to offer a comprehensive enterprise solution comes in another Metalogix acquisition – this time, of Idera’s SharePoint assets.

At AvePoint, we’ve made platform integration a key tenet of our software since we first opened our doors in 2001. It’s a major differentiator for our 10,000-plus customers in 88 countries, and I encourage you to read their stories.

These developments are all players in a larger shift that we’re seeing in the market today – one of a tremendously disruptive technology landscape that is urging us all to innovate and evolve rapidly. Our experience in seeing other vendors attempt to grow and scale – be it through acquisition or through internal development – has always been to utilize our deep resources, 1,400-plus globally, to create the quality experience enterprises demand in order to collaborate with confidence with their technology investments.

When it comes to integration, AvePoint ensures that technology is an enabler, not a disabler, of progress and evolution. Our pre-integrated compliance, governance, and management solution ensures that we are able to meet you no matter what your technology gateway entails – be it file shares, websites, SharePoint, CRM platforms, and more … on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model. Our journey to collaboration personifies this full experience and evolution that we see our customers taking today, and we are excited to enable each step with our award-winning products, expert services, and 24/7 live global customer support.

This continued validation in the marketplace from what we’ve understood to be essential for the future of enterprise productivity computing emboldens all of us here at AvePoint to continue pushing forward, to continue aggressively adding and enhancing our product portfolio to help you revolutionize your businesses.

Dr. Tianyi Jiang (TJ) co-founded AvePoint in 2001 and has served as the organization's Chief Executive Officer since 2005. TJ is responsible for overall strategy and direction of AvePoint, which includes product innovation, investor relations, and business development. He is focused on delivering value to customers, partners, shareholders, and the AvePoint team, every day. A recipient of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in New Jersey in 2010, TJ received both B.S. and master’s in electrical and computer engineering from Cornell University, and a Master of Philosophy and PhD in Data Mining from Department of Information Systems, Operations Management, and Statistics, Stern School of Business, New York University.


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