Collaborate With Confidence With These AvePoint Cloud Updates

Post Date: 07/06/2022
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We’re kicking off summer with lots of new and exciting updates in the AvePoint Cloud so you can collaborate with confidence in the most advanced platform for SaaS and data management. AvePoint’s Confidence Platform, powered by AvePoint Online Services, enables transformation, governance, and compliance of SaaS applications and data for control, fidelity, and resilience. Here’s an overview of the top updates for July 2022.


Enable governance with control of your collaboration policies, access, and lifecycle.

What’s new in Cloud Governance?

To ensure that all private channel membership is reviewed and confirmed during the team renewal process, Cloud Governance now offers a new private channel renewal option, which allows team owners, private channel owners, or team contacts to be assigned a private channel renewal task when the parent team is up for renewal. Additionally, Cloud Governance continues to expand support for guest user management. The new My Guest Users report, available as a new report in MyHub, displays all guest users that a user is responsible for as a primary or secondary contact. Users can view detailed Microsoft Teams guest access, guest user information, export guest users’ information, and renew guest users all from a single place!

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What’s new in Cense for Microsoft License Management?

Manually entering budgets individually can be tedious and time-consuming and may even result in errors, especially when managing hundreds or even thousands of end users. With this release, you can now set a budget in a CSV template and then import it into Cense with a single click! Plus, admin privilege filters are now available when viewing Microsoft 365 license reports, so these reports can now be filtered to show admins specifically.

What’s new in AvePoint EnPower?

New workflows are now available to help admins create and modify their own workflows with a no-code approach while also allowing them to delegate workflow creation or execution to other teams, such as regional IT and security teams. Users can choose from the built-in action library, or easily configure a new workflow as needed to create a workflow without a trigger, or they can create one with a trigger when a specific event(s) is detected. Mitigate common compliance operational risks and understand and improve your security posture for Exchange, administration activities, user access, collaboration security, and top risks from a centralized location with new Compliance Risk Reports. Additionally, AvePoint EnPower makes it easier to access operational auditing information and perform actions to remediate – view incident auditing information of user sign-ins, Microsoft Teams audit information, and Teams user activity.

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Move, consolidate, and transform data across collaboration platforms with full data fidelity.

What’s new in Fly?

New multiple workload error reporting is now available so you can see all errors in a single file across multiple projects and Microsoft 365 workspaces. With just a few clicks, you can now generate a combined, single report of multiple workload errors with better searching, sorting, filtering, and remediation, which can be easily downloaded and shared with others. When performing Teams chat migration, you now have the option to migrate a user’s full Microsoft Teams chat history, including 1:1 and group chats, into an HTML file to bring the full chat history into a user’s OneDrive. Plus, Fly now supports Shared Channel migration for both the same tenant AND for tenant-to-tenant migrations.

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Ensure business continuity and compliance.

What’s new in Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup for Azure is now available! Microsoft Azure Backup, the latest addition to the AvePoint Cloud Backup Platform, provides unlimited data recovery with full and incremental backup options for the granular restore of Azure Active Directory, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure files, and Azure BLOBs all within AvePoint Online Services. Azure Backup offers full-fidelity recovery with time or object-based restores, which can be adjusted based on the scope of the backup to back up within minutes, with data securely stored in AvePoint’s Azure Storage or a private cloud.

Sandbox seeding is now available for Salesforce Backup. Accessible through the new Sandbox Seeding tab that can be enabled in the platform, you can now configure sandbox seeding templates and run sandbox seeding jobs to seed specific objects to sandbox organizations.

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What’s new in Cloud Records?

Cloud Records now enables you to move content to an archival location, such as Azure Blob, for ongoing records and information management so you can maintain oversight as well as search for and restore archived items as needed. Wild card searching is now available to allow for expanded search results. Delegated administration features have been extended to now include security trimming of business rules so users can create containers for different rules and assign additional access permissions to those rules. Plus, users can now upload physical records in bulk with a new import template. Plus, feature and interface enhancements improve the disposal review process, manual approval process, and offer extended business rule criteria for retention labels.

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What’s new in Cloud Archiving?

Cloud Archiving now offers a new workflow for end-users to perform self-service restores of archived content with minimal IT involvement. Improved stub capabilities along with ReCenter, the easy-to-use self-service restore portal, allow for simple, fully security-trimmed content restores.

What’s new in Confide?

Power your most business-critical projects by providing full control and transparency to specific business users or groups. Confide is the only virtual data room integrated with Microsoft 365. With this release, Confide offers functionality to empower users with improved document ownership and edit permissions. Plus, you can now view project files in a custom view according to project status (new, read, in review), change the folder structure to filter the files that are displayed, move files across folders within a project, and even create new files directly in Confide.

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