NCAA Tournament Madness: AvePoint Citizen Services is the Winner!  

Post Date: 04/05/2019
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Who’s going to guard your citizens? AvePoint Citizen Services, of course! Hey, so now that we’re deep into the NCAA bracketand between the Cinderella stories and big upsets, we just wanted to let you know that we’re here for you. And we’re bringing you a special little update for Citizen Services too!  

Custom Surveys  

Once requests in Citizen Services have been completed, the person who reported the issue receives a survey—0-5 stars and text about “how we did.” However, it’d be madness not to expand upon that this March. So we’re expanding the survey to include the following: 

  • You can now add up to 6 survey questions 
  • We’re offering two types of question responses: free text or a star rating 
  • Survey results will be sent directly to all the relevant members of your department to make sure they’re aware of the feedback 

 Configure surveys in the WYSIWYG form editor:

When surveys come in, they’ll bubble up under insights as they already do:

Completed survey results also show up in the request details page of the Internal Portal:

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