Slack to Teams Migration & Consolidation

Ready to quit Slack'ing? Need clean up, clean out, or restructure Teams? Fly can help.

Consolidate your teams on Teams for a unified digital workspace. Migrate Slack and Teams content, conversations, files, and more. Our best practice approach gets you there faster, with less risk, so your teams can get back to work.

Meet Fly: Your guide to collaboration transformation

Pre-scan to set the scope

Assess the task ahead by finding out how much content you've got, and if there are any unsupported elements that may need to be refactored for Microsoft Teams.

Automate for scale and speed

Define filters, mappings, and schedules to auto-filter for what you need, when you need it. Even maintain sensitivity labels. Our super-light install package can be hosted on prem or in the cloud for takeoff in a jiffy.

Monitor migration progress

Use built-in progress reporting to track your project, or tap into our Migration Database using our Power BI templates to closely monitor throttling, performance, and more.

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Manage Slack to Teams migration with ease

FLY is the most complete and reliable migration solution for Slack and Teams. Whether you want to migrate from Slack to Teams or restructure Teams within or across your Microsoft tenants, we've got you covered. Maintain critical information, including files, membership, and conversations. Easily combat Channel overload and out of date naming conventions to optimize the user experience and drive maximum Teams value.

Watch the Demo: FLY in action Slack & Teams migration brochure

Consolidate Channels, files, sites, or other Teams

Break out Channels from out-of-control Teams

Clean up your information architecture and naming conventions