Measure What Matters

Today's leaders must make critical decisions amidst a sea of change. From managing a distributed workforce to embracing digital transformation and looking for meaningful efficiencies, each decision comes with a cost. With stakes so high, how do you know you're charting the right path?

By analyzing how and where your employees work, you can measure the health of initiatives and investments across the organization. Whether you're interested in seeing SharePoint performance and usage, looking at the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, or understanding employee engagement, our in-context analytics and visualizations drive smarter decisions.


Copilot for Microsoft 365

Reveal how Copilot for Microsoft 365 impacts your workforce and understand what guidance is needed to scale usage to accelerate adoption.


Microsoft Teams

Gain insight into the way your organization is using Microsoft Teams: channel activity, team interactions, and sentiment analysis.



Our SharePoint tools offer a comprehensive inventory and usage analytics across all SharePoint sites in your organization.

Pages by tyGraph

Pages by tyGraph

Built specifically for communications professionals, tyGraph pages gives you deep, near real-time insights into the performance of your SharePoint news pages.

Viva Engage

Viva Engage

Built with community managers, group admins, and business stakeholders in mind, tyGraph for Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) brings key metrics to the surface.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva

Together, tyGraph and Viva Insights uncover insights and address business challenges offering deeper context to the employee experience.



tyGraph for OneDrive provides comprehensive analytics that identifies your adoption patterns, sync status, and external sharing activities.



Understand the performance and usage of Microsoft Exchange, including email volume, sender and recipient activity, message size, response time and more to optimize communication.

The insights we gleaned from tyGraph helped us identify what was needed and what was not. By getting rid of redundant, outdated data and focusing our time and energy on recreating and designing used and relevant content, we were able to create a far better user experience in the new tenant.

Dave Feldman
Head of Digital Workplace Delivery, Takeda
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Optimizing the Modern Workplace

Embedded SharePoint Reporting

Modern Intranets are collaborative knowledge hubs designed to optimize user experience and retention. With in-context, in-product analytics, you can easily check out performance metrics and usage trends for your SharePoint sites and pages.

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Comprehensive Office 365 Analytics

Evaluate your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) investment across Teams, Viva Engage (Yammer), SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive. Low-friction dashboards enable you to centralize reporting and easily share licensing, adoption, and usage insights with stakeholders.

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Employee Engagement

Visualize how your message is landing, including who it’s reaching, how they’re reacting, and where they're engaging. Armed with rich insights for Yammer, Teams, and your SharePoint intranet, you can optimize your internal communications strategy.

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Identify Opportunities

Impactful data analytics starts with the identification of a business problem or opportunity. When the data is directly tied to specific objectives, the information adds dimension and context only found in analyzing the data.

Align with OKRs/KPIs

Business impact and transformation is amplified when associated with a key performance indicator. Finding a correlation between the actions employees are taking and the results of the work they are doing will help scale further the roll-out of best practices.

Uncover Insights

Access human-centric activities and content being created on your network. Use data visualization to correlate employee engagement against KPI’s to help individuals, managers, and leaders to make better evidence-based decisions and optimize performance.

Supporting People with Really Good Data

Information Technology
Information Technology

Realizing the value of your IT investment goes far beyond the number of people you have using the tools. Using the data to better understand how human interactions and tool usage is impacting the business increases your value as a strategic resource.

Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications

Gain a better understanding of how your message is moving through your organization and who it's reaching. Revive existing channels and forge new and engaging strategies that extend your reach and target your narrative.

Community Management
Community Management

A group of people connected by a common interest is stronger when community owners can enrich content with data-driven insights, identify influencers quicker, and discover and react to trends in conversations.

Human Resources
Human Resources

Being able to compare the human elements of work with the digital footprints of your employees helps identify influence and gives your people a voice. Utilize data analysis to enrich your organization’s workplace and better understand how employees engage.

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Demonstrate the impact and ROI of your Microsoft 365 investment

Understand the long-term impact of your organization's Microsoft 365 investment with a robust analytics suite that spans all your workloads, including Teams, Viva Engage, SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive. Low-friction dashboards enable you to centralize reporting and easily share licensing, adoption, and usage insights with stakeholders. Track your digital transformation score over time by evaluating engagement and productivity across Microsoft apps.

Teams Calling

Understand your organization’s Teams Calling experience, looking at time spent in meetings, average meeting size, and more

License costs

Easily compare purchased licenses to actual usage patterns, identifying opportunities for license consolidation

Viva Connections

Understand the progress of your Viva Connections investment and find out whether it’s driving traffic to your Intranet

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Top 10 SharePoint Metrics to Monitor

Is your SharePoint Intranet reaching its maximum potential? We've compiled 10 critical metrics to help SharePoint admins, site owners, and content creators level up their intranet initiatives, driving adoption and user experience. Find out which metrics to monitor – and how to put these best practices in place.



Measure the Impact of Your Internal Communications

As users struggle to keep up with emails, notifications, and alerts, it can be difficult to ensure that your internal communications are cutting through the noise and reaching their intended audience. Visualize how your message is moving through your organization, including who it’s reaching, how they’re reacting, and which channels they’re engaging with. From there, you can refine your messaging, revive existing communication channels, and implement strategies that increase engagement and extend your reach.


Comprehensive coverage

Measure all your Microsoft 365 Communications channels, including Viva Engage (Yammer), Teams, and SharePoint

Smarter content

Gain powerful audience insights, analyzing search activity and usage trends so you can deliver timely, relevant content


Optimize Adoption & Transformation Initiatives

Enable your insights to tell a story, by analyzing critical collaboration and adoption metrics. From there, you can illustrate the impact of your changes—from tenant consolidation to technology training—as they’re rolled out.

Maximize user adoption by tracking engagement across Microsoft 365 applications. Identify users who are likely to adopt or even those who have regressed, then take steps to re-engage with them.


Transformation scorecard

Visualize the impact of your adoption programs with your digital transformation scorecard

Targeted communications

For audiences lagging in engagement, find out which Teams and Channels they're using the most then share communications directly where they're working

Sentiment tracking

As discussions from Viva Engage (Yammer) or email inevitably weave their way into Teams or Channel discussions, monitor the overall tone of your organization by tracking sentiment analysis



From Cluttered to Productive: How to Evaluate the Health of Your SharePoint Intranet