Measuring the Value of Social: The Benefits of Implementing Social Tools in the Enterprise

Post Date: 05/29/2014
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I recently had the opportunity to co-author an article with Dux Raymond Sy for CMSWire that advises organizations on the benefits of incorporating enterprise social collaboration tools into business operations. One of the biggest topics to emerge from the Microsoft conference circuit this year is the concept of “working like a network”; encouraging companies to rethink how they operate, collaborate, and communicate by using enterprise social technologies to eliminate departmental silos. This way, companies can better adapt and respond to ever-shifting market conditions as well as improve knowledge sharing. In the article, Dux and I discuss four different ways organizations can benefit from social tools, including:
  •  Saving time, money, and effort on change management processes
  • Generating new products with higher likelihood of success upon launch
  • Reducing operational, customer service, and training costs
  • Identifying new leaders in the company and retain talent to stimulate future growth
To read more about how social tools can help organizations facilitate effective and beneficial collaboration, please visit CMSWire.

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