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Three Steps to Prepare for SharePoint Compliance Requirements

I recently had the opportunity to author an article for SharePoint Pro Magazine discussing how Microsoft SharePoint administrators can effectively work with compliance officers on a SharePoint implementation.

Recently, while working with clients responsible for compliance requirements in SharePoint, I was surprised by the lack of communication between SharePoint administrators and compliance officers. I realized quickly that administrators were coming to AvePoint for guidance because they were not getting the help and direction they needed internally.

In the article, I provide three steps for administrators that will streamline communication and allow them to relate to the compliance team when it comes to SharePoint compliance. These steps include:

  1. Speak the Compliance Language: Assess your environment, users, and user habits in order to address compliance requirements. These can include the risk each SharePoint zone (extranets, intranets, file shares, etc.) poses to the organization, what type of content is being stored, and who will have access to the content.
  2. Administration Permissions in SharePoint: A fundamental tenant of compliance is that users should have appropriate access to information and are blocked from information that is inappropriate for them. When applied to SharePoint, this means having a strong permissions policy. SharePoint Administrators can ensure a strong permissions policy is established that satisfies their needs as well as what the compliance team needs by developing a repeatable process of planning, execution, and auditing.
  3. Do Your Research: Administrators should consider third-party solutions to address any governance, risk management, and compliance requirements that out-of-the-box features in SharePoint cannot identify and remediate.

To read more about how SharePoint Administrators and compliance officers can build a more effective and productive relationship, please visit SharePoint Pro Magazine.

To learn how AvePoint Compliance Guardian allows you to say it, do it, and prove it when it comes to compliance requirements, please visit our website.

Edmund White
Edmund White
In his former role as Vice President of Solution Engineering, Edmund specialized in delivering custom SharePoint solutions, third-party software, and services since 2007, as well a variety of enterprise technologies.


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