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Enable Enterprise SharePoint Mobility by Trusted Users, in Trusted Locations, on Trusted Devices #cloud4mobile

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella officially unveiled the new Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) today. The suite is intended for large enterprise customers who need to manage centrally iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices, and more.

With the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution well under way, enterprise solutions that support the mobile workforce are a necessity for all types of organizations, and it’s great to see Microsoft responding to this need. Now that work no longer only takes place from 9 to 5, the emergence of free third-party file sharing services, and the proliferation of mobile devices, organizations are facing security headaches for compliance and IT teams alike.

In today’s work shifting world, mobile devices are no longer a matter of convenience, but necessity. End-users demand access to their digital assets on their mobile devices, and they are often already accessing these tools – with or without IT’s approval.

Here at AvePoint, we complement EMS by enabling your organization to provide enterprise SharePoint mobility as a service by giving your users the freedom to choose how and with whom they want to collaborate, from external users to devices and locations – all while keeping sensitive digital assets secure.

Visit our website to learn more about AvePoint Perimeter.

For advice on how to effectively manage your social and mobile workforce, watch my recent presentation from SharePoint Conference 2014:

Dux Raymond Sy
Dux Raymond Sy
As Chief Brand Officer, Dux is responsible for AvePoint’s brand image, experience, and promise. Since joining the company in 2013, Dux has served in a variety of leadership roles, including Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector, and Vice President, Customer Strategy & Solutions. With over 20 years of business, marketing, and technology experience, Dux has driven organizational transformations worldwide with his ability to simplify complex ideas and deliver relevant solutions. He is recognized by Microsoft as regional Director (RD) and Most Valuable Professional (MPVP), as well as the author of LinkedIn Learning course How to Build Your Personal Brand, book SharePoint for Project Management, and numerous whitepapers and articles. Prior to AvePoint, Dux had leadership roles at Innovative-e, Inc and Quantum X. He holds a BS in Telecommunications Engineering from Southern Polytechnic State University and a BS in Electronics Engineering from De La Salle University. Currently, Dux lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two kids.


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