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4 Ways to Give This #GivingTuesday

In a season synonymous with gifting, let us reconnect with what it means to give!

This was a particularly turbulent year: social, political, and economic uncertainty, relentless natural disasters, and a pandemic that continues to challenge our resilience.

I’m proud that in each instance, AvePoint was in a position to make a monetary commitment to the ACLU, the World Health Organization, and the Philippine Red Cross (for who we just hit $10K in donations as of yesterday!). So I want to extend a true, heartfelt “thank you” to the larger AvePoint community for your contributions!

But giving and gifting is much more than a check.


4 Ways to Give

Voice: Sometimes stepping up means stepping back

Amplify a cause, movement, or person with which/whom you are aligned. Maybe that’s resharing on social media, or maybe it’s as simple as a respectful conversation with someone diametrically opposed to the idea. Use your voice with those who trust your judgment and are willing to listen.

Time: The most valuable of resources

In a year when time is usually spent on physical and in-person giving, this is hard! At AvePoint, with regular community activities organized by our offices, this took a back seat amidst COVID-19. But what if, as an act of giving, you give the gift of no distractions? That when someone asks for your time, you sit with them in open conversation and your undivided attention.


Goods: A tangible kind of generosity

The act of physically giving a gift sparks something different for most people. Consider making a warm meal for neighbors, decluttering and donating items, or even supporting local food banks and charities that are asking for specific items.

Money: If you can, give

There’s no question why it’s the most common request and resource – money is the currency of endless possibilities! Just make sure to do your research if you’re unfamiliar with an organization’s mission statement and how dollars are allocated.


At AvePoint, we’ve launched a global donation matching program for employees, encouraging everyone to work within their communities and drive change on matters they are invested in.

We’ve also made a commitment to support the local communities where we have a global presence, ensuring that we can pay it forward through our charter:

Technology: We’re committed to donating our software and services to causes and not-for-profit organizations to help them achieve their mission.

Community: As a global organization, we’re proud to support our local communities through employee volunteering, partnerships, and donations.

Education: We’re passionate about educating people around the world on the benefits of technology and the opportunities it offers to make a difference.

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Julie Liu
Julie Liu
Julie Liu is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at AvePoint, a SaaS and data management platform that manages and protects data to secure collaboration in the Microsoft cloud, SharePoint, Salesforce, and Google. Julie is an industry-recognized marketing leader, most recently mentoring others to create scalable marketing strategies, launching a sustainable global partner program, and establishing AvePoint as a publicly-traded company.


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