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How Partners Can Leverage the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC)

Microsoft Technology Centers were established all around the world with the goal of providing resources for partners and customers alike. But is it worth going out of your way to visit a center in your area?

In this week’s episode of P2PNow, we break down what MTCs offer and how to get the most out of them as a Microsoft partner. Feel free to watch the video version or read along via the transcript below!


Christian: The question for this episode is: How can partners leverage the MTC, or Microsoft Technology Center?

Sam: With more than 40 locations around the world, Microsoft has been building out these facilities to help customers AND partners with their digital transformation journeys. But what kinds of programs and services does Microsoft offer through the MTCs?

Christian: There are a number of workshops and events offered. Most partners are probably familiar with the Envisioning workshops, which are all about demonstrating the latest products and features and helping you develop a roadmap to get there.

There are also strategy briefings and architecture design sessions. But the MTCs also offered more hands-on programs and hackathons that allow customers and partners to work alongside Microsoft technologist to develop prototypes.

Sam: I know that AvePoint has been involved in many of these MTC activities, such as sponsoring events like hackathons and networking events and attending workshops and briefings alongside our customers.

Are there ways that our partners can better leverage the MTC and work more closely with AvePoint?

Christian: Definitely. Going forward, we plan to work more closely with the regional MTCs to sponsor and support more of these events. But we’re also working with the MTC architecture team to deploy a number of our solutions to the MTCs — which will be available globally.

Sam: Will partners be able to see AvePoint solutions in-action within the MTCs?

Christian: Correct. They will be able to demonstrate products like AvePoint Cloud Backup, AvePoint Cloud Governance, and Policies & Insights to their customers from the Microsoft environment from any MTC in the world.

Sam: Whether or not our partners have a relationship with their local or regional MTC, they can always connect with their AvePoint representative and develop a plan for customer events, workshops, and demos right from their MTC.

Christian: That’s exactly right. And as always, the way to start the process is to join AvePoint’s Partner Program, which you can find at

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Sam Valme
Sam Valme
Sam Valme is Senior Director of Partner Experience at AvePoint, working out of our Arlington, Virginia office.
Christian Buckley
Christian Buckley
An Office Apps & Services MVP and Microsoft Regional Director, Christian Buckley is an internationally recognized author and speaker and runs the community-focused CollabTalk blog, podcast, and tweetjam series.

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