Introducing Examena: A Secure and Powerful Online Examination Solution

Post Date: 07/26/2021
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The past 18 months have witnessed an unprecedented rate of technology transformation for the global education sector. From communication and collaboration apps to online community portals, interactive platforms were made available to empower students, faculty, and staff and to reinvent and sustain a highly virtualized education environment.

But as much as the gaps for virtual learning are addressed through these available platforms, one crucial learning segment calls for more digitalization: examinations. While digital communication, collaboration, and content delivery are improved, a lot more can be done in terms of enhancing online examination platforms.

Examinations are crucial in assessing the learning development outcomes of students, and few solutions are able to holistically address the provision of a trusted, unified, and user-friendly virtual platform needed for exam management.


Introducing Examena

The process of giving an exam doesn’t start once the exam begins and end when the exam is submitted.

From crafting the examination questions, delivering and proctoring the exam, to finally grading it and communicating with students, the whole process of facilitating examinations requires significant stakeholder attention.

Built to streamline online examinations, AvePoint’s Examination Management System or Examena is AI-assistive software developed to restore normalcy in institutions’ examination operations under remote learning conditions.

Examena was designed to fundamentally enhance the user experiences of the exam author, organizer, marker, and candidate. It’s a unified platform where the different exam stakeholders can robustly manage the delivery of exams from planning to marking.


With Examena, the organization of exam schedules, assigning proctors and markers, and reviewing question sets and grading structures can all be performed on a single platform so course managers have an easier time planning and structuring the examination process.

With question banks, exam authors have the ability to design unique questionnaires without having to recreate each set of questions from scratch. The Examena question bank supports a rich variety of pre-structured question formats such as multiple-choice, essays, fill-in-the-blanks, etc., while also providing the required question variation in exam papers.

The designed questionnaire can also be previewed through the Marker and Candidate’s view for quality checks before publishing.


Gone are the days where proctors and educators had to worry about the authenticity of the candidates’ online examination answers.

Examena supports closed book examination delivery and offers flexible controls on the list of approved applications that students can access during the exam. Its Live Proctoring feature uses AI facial recognition to verify that the correct student is taking the exam. It also detects whether the student is absent or present, if there’s time away from the screen, disallowed conversations, or the presence of multiple individuals during the course of the exam.

All these are made possible by notifications and progress reports viewed on a single dashboard from which proctors can easily monitor candidates remotely.


Marking is significantly less time-consuming with Examena’s Intelligent Marking, especially for structured question fields such as choice or fill-in-the-blanks. This feature allows markers to focus on grading qualitative exam segments.

Post-marking, insights are also available to measure performance across overall exams, topics, and cohort competency levels. Grades can then be published and communicated securely to candidates.

AvePoint EduTech

Examena is part of AvePoint’s EduTech suite of solutions—which is one of the first holistic SaaS education management suites in the world that is directly integrated with Microsoft 365 for educational institutions and organisations.

Examena can be integrated with existing Learning Management Systems, student enrollment systems, resource allocation modules, and so on to positively transform the examination experience and significantly enhance operational productivity for the institution.


At EduTech, we build solutions to empower the community of learners to excel in their personal learning. We continue to hone our SaaS offerings with the latest features that benefit education admins globally. We curate and integrate essential learning tools into a unified platform to ensure seamless user experiences as stakeholders interact with our solutions to learn effectively.

Learn more about Examena and our EduTech solution!

AvePoint is excited to sponsor the upcoming EduTech Conference in Melbourne, Australia on 17-18 August and EduTech Asia on 9-11 November this year, where we will showcase our learning and exam management solutions. Log in to the virtual AvePoint booths in both events to chat with our experts about your current challenges, learn more about best practices in the industry, and find out how we are empowering the learning community through our customer success stories!

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