Introducing DocAve Online

Post Date: 04/02/2013
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Today we proudly announce the end of a very successful technology adoption program (TAP) and the official release of DocAve Online to customers worldwide. DocAve Online is a close, cloud-based cousin to our DocAve 6 platform, re-architected and hosted on Windows Azure, to manage SharePoint Online environments on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. For more than a year, DocAve Online and the team behind this amazing solution has seen it all. We’ve gone from initial specs to prototypes, from prototypes to the TAP program, and now to a highly anticipated full release of the solution. DocAve Online is an entirely agentless and clientless solution leveraging only fully supported Microsoft APIs to connect to and manage both multi-tenant and dedicated SharePoint Online environments. All you need is an internet browser and your Office 365 administrator credentials to get started. The debut of this Software as a Service (SaaS) version of DocAve comes with our popular Administrator, Content Manager, Replicator, and Backup and Restore tools included. Key business benefits of DocAve Online include: · Granular Content Protection: Granular content backup and recovery quickly restores lost or corrupt documents and sites. Robust scheduling capabilities ensure business-critical content is protected according to organizational Service Level Agreements (SLAs). · Restructure on the Fly: Accommodate organizational growth by easily reorganizing and moving cloud-based content within site collections or across SharePoint sites. · Simplified Office 365 – SharePoint Online Management: Centralized administration and management of SharePoint permissions and configurations allow for streamlined control over Office 365 – SharePoint Online. · Synchronize & Publish Content Across Sites: Facilitate collaboration across multiple Office 365 instances for internal and external users, allowing for streamlined content publication and enhanced collaboration. In addition to enabling our customers to confidently manage their SharePoint Online deployments with SaaS, what excites me the most about DocAve Online is that it is hot on the heels of some exciting new releases like AvePoint Compliance Guardian and a perfect lead in for our company’s breakthrough applications like AvePoint Meetings. As the enterprise collaboration landscape evolves to offer new and exciting solutions, AvePoint is evolving along with it. Our customers are embracing the cloud, social, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, and AvePoint’s products and solutions match these trends to continue to allow collaboration with confidence. DocAve Online is an integral part of this revolution. To learn a bit more about the release and the products included, please watch the video below: For additional information about DocAve Online, please visit our website. Want to try it yourself? Register for a free, 30-day trial today!

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