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Top 5 Backup Posts of 2021

Our backup solutions continue to be some of our most popular products every year, and for good reason. Every organizations needs strong backup capabilities, be it records, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or beyond. Here’s what our readership gravitated to most this past year.

5. In-Place vs. Out-of-Place Records Management: New Insights for 2021 by Timothy Boettcher

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When customers are embarking on a Records Management journey with Office 365, one of the very first up-front decisions that need to be made is whether to take an in-place approach or out-of-place approach to managing records. In previous articles on the topic, AvePoint has made no secret about our position that out-of-place repositories are a more traditional approach, while an in-place strategy is more future-facing.

However, there are times when adding an out-of-place approach as a component of your overall strategy can be useful in some situations. Let’s take a look…

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4. Cloud Backup for Google Workspace: 4 Things to Know About AvePoint’s New Solution by John Hodges

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Countless organizations rely on Google Workspace and its suite of productivity tools (including Calendar, Drive, and Gmail) to conduct business every day. And that number is growing: In October 2020, Google shared that Workspace has more than 2.6 billion monthly active users!

But the service lacks a key native component: comprehensive and extended backup.

Without a long-term solution to back up and restore data in Google Workspace beyond the platform’s short retention limits, users could lose access to important information in the event of accidental or intentional deletion, or a ransomware attack, among other unpleasant scenarios.

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3. Guide: The Differences Between Microsoft 365 Backup and Retention by Peter Marchetti

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Moving data and IT solutions to the cloud is changing the way organizations manage their data and think about their processes for complying with data discovery, production, and retention regulations. In the past, organizations managed every level of the infrastructure and the process behind the comprehensive protection of all data and content from all threats to integrity and availability; therefore, there needed to be much tighter integration between managing live system storage, archival storage, backup purging and data discovery, production, data retention, and defensible destruction.

Essentially, because of a myriad of technology-driven requirements and not business-driven need, responsibility for all these functions fell to IT. Over time, many of the concepts around these terms and processes have become blurred, causing different usages by different speakers in different spheres of responsibility.

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2. 3 Things to Look for in the Best Microsoft 365 Backup Services by Antoine Snow

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With the heavy shift to remote work that has been seen in the past 18 months, it’s become clearer than ever that organizations can benefit from leveraging the cloud to reach their employees wherever they may be on any device. Microsoft saw a surge in the adoption and usage of their Microsoft 365 platform and services for a reason, after all.

With this shift and growth also come considerations around data corruption, recoverability, ransomware, and even user error. Whereas backup was a staple for on-premises systems, cloud backup is a foreign concept to some and still a new concept to others. Regardless of how the platform has changed, backup is still vital to maintaining continuity and providing insurance for both IT and end users alike.

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1. 4 Ways to Calculate the Value of Microsoft 365 Backup by Sherian Batalliones

m365 backup


If you knew the struggles of moving into the cloud when the pandemic forced businesses to shift online, you’re likely one of the many organizations now concerned with Microsoft 365 backup and security.

With ransomware attacks being more prevalent than ever and there being a plethora of strict regulations to navigate, AvePoint Chief Brand Officer and Microsoft RD and MVP Dux Raymond Sy and Senior Solution Engineer Antoine Snow walked through how to determine the worth of Microsoft 365 backup in their recent webinar “5 Ways To Calculate The Value of Microsoft 365 Backup.” Read on for some key takeaways.

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