What to Expect from Top-Tier Data Backup Services (Case Study)

Post Date: 08/07/2020
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Case Study – Liberty Property Trust

The Challenge

Liberty Property Trust started leveraging the Backup & Restore module of DocAve when they were on SharePoint 2003 more than 15 years ago.

Today, they are using the latest version of the product to backup over 300 GB of data in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

Joe DeNicola, director of software development at Liberty Property Trust, continues to leverage AvePoint backup solutions for granular restores at the item level.


“[Native] SharePoint backup is okay for backing up and restoring your entire database or an entire site collection, but we needed the ability to restore at a granular level to the individual files or list items,” said DeNicola. “Or [restore] an entire list or library without having to set up an entirely new staging server just to restore a file.”

The AvePoint Solution

Liberty Property Trust finds DocAve’s user interface to be intuitive and user friendly.

“We have various time-frames where we can go back to find out exactly which version of the file we need so the user interface has been good,” said DeNicola. “We have found it very easy to find what we need.”

Liberty Property Trust also takes advantage of Backup and Restore’s automatic incremental backup functionality of up to four times a day.

“On-premises, we have about 300 GB of document libraries and lists…and we do a full backup every month and then do differentials and incrementals every day,” said DeNicola.

DeNicola will also use Backup & Restore’s out-of-place restore for testing and development purposes.

“We will take a large list – where you can’t really save it as a template with all that data in SharePoint natively – and we’ll backup and restore it to another site and then we’ll run our tests there. So then we have a full fidelity restore, it’s just in a different site.”

The Bottom Line

DocAve Backup and Restore gives DeNicola the confidence he needs in ensuring his organization’s continuity.

“With one of my jobs being the SharePoint administrator, I can sleep at night knowing that if a file gets lost, a site blows up, or someone does something crazy, that I have that backup that I can always go back to for a previous version or backup,” said DeNicola.

Liberty Property Trust

Liberty Property Trust is a real estate investment trust that invests in office buildings and industrial properties. The company owns interests in more than 461 industrial and 48 office properties comprising 86.0 million square feet.

Read the full case study here.

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