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New Year, New AvePoint Cloud Updates!

We’re kicking off 2022 with lots of exciting new AvePoint Cloud updates! Keep reading for an overview of the top five January 2022 updates, and be sure to log into the Account Portal for how-to videos, user guides, release notes, and more.

Cloud Backup

1. Cloud Backup

What’s new in Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365?

You can now back up and restore Yammer Groups including Yammer conversations, files, Group mailboxes, events, and corresponding Planner boards. Plus, the new global search makes it easier than ever to locate the content you want to restore with a more guided experience, even if you don’t know the service type of your lost content – so now you don’t need to know if your “Contoso Team” really is a Team, a SharePoint site, a OneDrive, etc.!

What’s new in Cloud Backup for Google Workspace?

The ReCenter End User Recovery Portal has some nifty new updates! Admins, you can now configure if you want to allow your end users to access the ReCenter portal, control the content sources (Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Drives) they can manage, and specify the actions that your users can perform to restore or export backup data. Plus, if end users, can’t access ReCenter, they can request it directly from within the product. Additionally, help desk settings are now supported for end users, not just for admins.

What’s new in Cloud Backup for Salesforce?

Restoring multiple objects with Cloud Backup for Salesforce is now as much as five times faster! Check out the new job controls to retry failed, finished with exception, skipped, and now stopped jobs through the Job Monitor. S3 compatible storage is now supported for Salesforce backup as a BYOS option, and Apex metadata is now supported. Plus, depending upon your regulatory needs, you can now customize your retention period or choose to use unlimited retention.

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avepoint cloud governance

2. Cloud Governance

What’s new in Cloud Governance?

The new insight-driven renewal process provides Microsoft 365 workspace owners with guidance and recommendations when making recertification decisions regarding their workspace. Understand the ownership, membership, and classification of your workspace, demystify how broadly your content is shared, and help workspace owners save time with new automated batch actions that can be performed on their behalf.

This release also introduces delegated administration, with role-based access controls now available to decentralize operational governance, reduce reliance on a single administration team, and help balance the management workload. The primary admin can now determine a set of additional admins and define what activities they can execute in the administrator workspace report. Plus, Cloud Governance now allows users to request a change to their workspace’s sensitivity label through a managed change request service.

Join this session to explore how to practically approach SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft 365 Governance with clear explanations and real-world examples.

avepoint cloud records

3. Cloud Records

What’s new in Cloud Records?

Records managers can now configure an advanced search to search up to 10 fields to quickly locate the records they need within seconds. Additionally, this release continues to improve support for physical records management; users are now able to see the folders contained within a physical records box from the search screen, and physical records loan request management now offers more flexibility. Plus, Cloud Records now includes a field for record managers to enter a reason when changing the classification or file plan term on a document.

Join AvePoint information management experts as they discuss real world approaches to accurately capture, classify, and store many data types in Microsoft Teams.


4. Policies & Insights

What’s new in Policies?

There’s a new user permission replacement rule to monitor and remove permissions of specific users and assign permissions to other designated users. Evaluate direct-sharing permissions by creating both blocked-lists and allowed-lists of users that can be shared with using the new direct sharing prevention rule. Sensitivity labels can now be set as a property when creating a filter. When evaluating multiple potential rule violations, the order in which they should be evaluated can now be ranked. You can now display the filters applied to each of the rules to make visual inspection easier. Additionally, you can now configure to run and evaluate policies on a monthly basis for reactive reporting against governance benchmarks. Plus, audit records can now be pulled with the new API-driven SIEM integration.

What’s new in Insights?

Set whole Groups, Teams, and sites as “trusted” sites when evaluating risk. New reports and filters provide even more insights to help you easily locate the data you need and identify risk. New API-driven SIEM integration also allows Insight’s audit records to be pulled. Plus, users can now remove the “Everyone” and “Everyone Except External Users” permissions directly to quickly clean up permissions.

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5. MSPs, We’ve Got You Covered!

What’s new in AvePoint Online Services for Partners and Elements for Partners?

We are committed to providing an enhanced MSP user experience, and with this release we are streamlining operational efficiency with new UX improvements and by introducing Elements Pro, the new multi-tenant management enhancement that now allows for easy template management! MSPs, you can now create and save your most-used settings and apply them to any customer tenant – templatizing is now available for Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint Online, and AvePoint Policies & Insights.

Additionally, you can now monitor Exchange Online settings and configurations of your customers’ tenants and easily export risk reports. Enter your feedback in the new “Your Custom Widget Here” section on the dashboard to tell us what type of content or tools you’d like to see. Plus, new integration with FLY means you can now easily restructure, consolidate, and migrate your customers’ data across Microsoft 365.


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