Why Should You Work in Sales at AvePoint?

Post Date: 06/03/2016
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At AvePoint, we continue to grow our enterprise sales teams (EPG) across North America and recruit top talent. As I talk to potential candidates each week, I’m asked a fairly common question:

Why should I work at AvePoint?

This is a pretty broad question, and there are many different answers depending on what you’re looking for. According to a Glassdoor survey, people typically leave their jobs due to compensation, lack of growth opportunities, culture, or their relationships with management or leadership.

So what’s important to people when vetting opportunities in a new role and company?

  • Strong solutions and services?
  • Leadership, resources and a team to back you up?
  • A close-knit culture?
  • The opportunity to make a lot of money?

I think it’s all of the above! When I talk to potential candidates, here’s what I tell them about how those factors apply to AvePoint.

Who are we? AvePoint is the Microsoft Cloud expert. Over 15,000 companies and more than 21,000 customers worldwide trust AvePoint to migrate, manage, and protect their Office 365 and SharePoint data.

How do we stay on top in a highly competitive field? We have more than 800 dedicated research-and-development members worldwide and take pride in our organically-created solutions. AvePoint is also committed to providing the highest quality support to customers and offers 24/7 technical support.

How do we satisfy or exceed the expectations of new sales executives? We have an incredible infrastructure in place to groom employees and promote success, and we put an emphasis on teamwork as one of our core values. Even our senior leaders, including the CEO, are involved in sales opportunities. AvePoint recently closed a significant deal in North America, a win which was made possible due to the hard work of an entire team consisting of (but not limited to) our pre-sales engineers and architects, sales account executives, vice president, all the way up to our CTO and CEO. We take pride in our team’s ability to work together and grow the business, regardless of deal size.

So many AvePoint members (technical and non-technical) develop relationships with our customers. Every piece of the puzzle has to fit to keep these relationships strong, which speaks to the level of talent we have on our team. At AvePoint, we put the customer at the heart of all engagements, going above and beyond to help them better migrate, manage, and protect their Office 365 and SharePoint.

The bottom line? If you work hard here, you will succeed. It’s an extremely exciting time to join our company.  If you’re interested in high earning potential and have the desire to win, then we want to speak with you! Browse our current openings and apply today.

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