AvePoint Intern (Not So) Confidential: Week Four

Post Date: 06/29/2012
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The best way to describe how I feel about completing my fourth week at AvePoint: total shock. After being here for one month, it seems as though I have merely scratched the surface. This week began on a high note, with me sitting in on a case study interview. Even though I have participated in one of these before, this one was different since I was taking notes to actually write my own case study for AvePoint. With the use of the DocAve Software Platform, the company being interviewed turned to AvePoint in order to seamlessly incorporate storage controls and optimized management to its SharePoint environment. An international customer, I was especially fascinated to hear how useful the company found our products. I knew that AvePoint does business with many different countries, but it’s not until you are listening to someone actually sitting halfway around the world praising the product that you fully recognize the true global nature of AvePoint. My week also was focused on continuing to enhance the company’s presence on LinkedIn, in order to continue spreading our message of SharePoint success to the global community. You should come by and follow us to see all the changes that we are making!

With the last few weeks passing quickly, I am trying to soak up my time here as much as possible. Hopefully my experiences at AvePoint have been a joy to read. Thankfully, there is still more to come!

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