Achieve Microsoft 365 Collaboration Security within a Zero Trust Architecture

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  • 1 Hour
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Max McNamara

Managing Director - ANZ, AvePoint

Reece Gallagher

Security Technology Specialist, Microsoft

Microsoft 365 is the perfect platform for organisations to enable productivity and drive collaboration.

However, the free and open nature of the M365 platform can run counter to many Zero Trust principles. M365 can create concerns around tracking who has access and to what across your environment.

A modern threat protection strategy that relies on user authentication and item-level tagging is not enough to satisfy a "never trust, always verify" model. If your organisation isn't taking proactive steps to ensure admins and users only have access to site collections, Groups, and Teams they NEED within M365, you’re leaving the data within those collaborative workspaces vulnerable.

Join Microsoft and AvePoint to learn how your organisation can leverage Microsoft 365’s collaborative power, but still deploy a Zero Trust model to ensure a secure digital workspace today. We will:

  • Introduce what Zero Trust is and why it’s needed for M365
  • Introduce an additional Zero Trust pillar for “Workspaces” in M365
  • Discuss the importance of workspace compliance, lifecycle, permissions recertification, and understand the processes and data necessary for Zero Trust in a collaborative space
  • Show how you can achieve M365 collaboration security in 5 steps
  • Show how you can streamline and automate the training administration for your users to reduce the change management burden
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