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Cloud Migration Speed Test

An independent contractor and Microsoft MVP benchmarks the speed of AvePoint, ShareGate, BitTitan, and SkySync cloud migration tools. Figure out how they rank!

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How MSPs Can Survive and Thrive In A Post Digital Transformation Era

The Playbook for MSPs to Grow Their Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud Business

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You’re In SharePoint, Now What?

This eBook provides proven document management best practices such as how to: get documents out of email and into SharePoint; streamline team collaboration; enforcing information management; enhancing search, archival and expiration; and...

Backup Ebook Preview

Office 365 Backup Handbook

Ensure You are Protected with a Comprehensive Office 365 Data Management Strategy
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Survey: Office 365 Governance & Migration

The latest industry statistics covering how Office 365 has changed the way companies need to approach governance and process automation

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Microsoft Teams for Education Institutions

A Best Practices Guide & Study Guide on Microsoft Teams to Empower Students, Administrators and Educators to help them do the right thing.

Groups Ebook Preview

When to Use and How to Manage Microsoft Teams & Office 365 Groups

Learn solutions to common management and governance concerns for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Digital Transformation Ebook Sg

Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

This eBook will help you identify and overcome common barriers and obstacles that arise before, during and after your digital transformation.

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Best Practices Guide: Records Management for the Digital Era

Records Management in Office 365 is easier than you think. Meet end users where they work. Read our free Best Practices Guide today!

Citizen Services Ebook Sg

Transforming Citizen Services Through IT Modernisation

If you work for a government organization relying on manual processes or legacy/siloed systems citizen communications, case management or incident reporting, you need to read this eBook.

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Understanding Microsoft Cloud Services and Security

CollabTalk and the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University researched cybersecurity best practices in the cloud.

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Public Sector Migration Handbook

Government agencies, from the local to federal level, have had their cloud migration ambitions challenged by stringent regulations, tightening budgets and mission critical workloads. This eBook provides the answers to these challenges...