Cloud Backup Express for Microsoft 365

Powered by Microsoft 365 Backup Storage, enable secure data protection for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange at greater speed.

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Accelerate microsoft 365 business continuity

Accelerate Microsoft 365 Business Continuity

Data-driven and AI-driven businesses need to manage data growth securely and efficiently. Traditional methods are not effective at scale. AvePoint Cloud Backup Express offers flexible, secure collaboration in the digital workplace.

Secure, Resilient Microsoft 365 Data Protection

With 82% of IT Leaders (according to Dell Technologies Report) already worried their existing data protection solutions aren't ready for the future, don't get left behind. AvePoint Cloud Backup Express, powered by Microsoft 365 Backup Storage, enhances business continuity by enabling you to protect and secure your SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange investments with greater speed and scale.

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Fast and Scalable

Protect and restore your SharePoint sites, Exchange mailboxes and OneDrives with no limits - whether 100TBs of data or restoring 10,000 mailboxes.

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Rapid Business Continuity

Achieve unprecedented speeds to provide more effective RPO and RTO times while keeping all data within the Microsoft 365 security boundary.

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Complete Protection

Combine lightning fast RPO/RTOs with enterprise grade compliance and security benefits of AvePoint’s multi-SaaS backup solution to protect and secure all data.

Secure Data Protection for Microsoft 365

Secure Data Protection for Microsoft 365

Combine rapid, unlimited backups with intelligent recovery capabilities to minimize business disruption and restore data quickly in the event of ransomware, data corruption, or other threats.

Near-Zero Configuration

Seamlessly add-on Microsoft 365 Backup Storage protection to AvePoint Cloud Backup without changing your existing data protection policies and benefits.

Reduce Business Disruption

Recover or rollback entire Site Collections, OneDrives or Exchange Mailboxes in minutes, even in the event of ransomware or other data loss incidents.

Intelligent Recovery

Select the right data to restore whether it resides in Microsoft 365 Backup Storage, AvePoint-managed storage, or customer-managed storage.

Holistic Cloud Protection

Extend secure protection for the entire Microsoft Cloud, including Teams, Planner, Entra ID, Viva Engage, Azure, Dynamics 365, and more.

Powered by Microsoft 365 Backup Storage

Powered by Microsoft 365 Backup Storage

AvePoint is among the first companies to feature advanced in-product integrations with Microsoft 365 Backup Storage. With this incredible backup technology, we are able to bridge the gap between the power and flexibility of SaaS with the demanding RPO/RTO timelines users traditionally expected to only achieve in on-premises or full control workloads.

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Multi-Cloud Data Protection

The dependence on multiple SaaS applications to power hybrid work continues to grow, which is leading organizations to adopt a cloud-centric data protection strategy with AvePoint’s multi-SaaS cloud backup solution.

True Cyber Resilience

Get comprehensive protection for Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, and Google in order to own SLAs, recover quickly, and maintain storage flexibility.

Fully Control Data Ownership

Meet requirements across backups and production systems with geographic data residency and sovereignty as well as support BYOS and BYOK.

Enable Self-Service

AvePoint's self-service capabilities let users quickly restore their own lost content across workloads without involving IT, minimizing user disruption.

Fast flexible protection for microsoft 365

Fast, Flexible Protection for Microsoft 365

Quickly back up entire Microsoft 365 workloads while keeping data within the Microsoft trust boundary. Restore or roll back entire OneDrives, mailboxes, or SharePoint sites in minutes.

High-speed backup and recovery for OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online data

Keep all data within the Microsoft 365 boundary

Restore or rollback an entire OneDrive, Mailbox or Site Collection

Perform granular item level recovery from a backup

Ransomware and suspicious activities detection

End user self-service recovery with ReCenter

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The ease of using Cloud Backup and lack of maintenance is first rate. It’s much smoother with AvePoint compared to our previous approach.

Kat Bedocs

Business Collaboration Analyst, Esri UK

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