InComm Payments Consolidates Solution Stack with AvePoint to Streamline Backup, Archiving, and Microsoft 365 Management Needs

Success Highlights


Reduced backup costs by 25% while protecting additional workloads


Optimized storage and data repositories by archiving 15 TB of data


Streamlined vendor management by consolidating multiple solutions under a single provider

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Customer Location Atlanta, United States

Industry Financial Services

Platform Microsoft 365,Salesforce,Power Platform

InComm Payments is an innovative global payments technology provider. Leveraging dynamic technology and proven expertise, InComm Payments delivers enhanced end-to-end payment platforms and emerging financial technology solutions through a single integration, helping businesses grow across a wide range of industries. With three decades of experience, over 525,000 points of retail and online distribution, 412 global patents, and a presence in more than 40 countries, InComm Payments leads the payments industry from its headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Critical Needs

  • Scalable, hands-off backup and recovery for 350 TB of Microsoft 365 data
  • User-friendly solution with self-service restores
  • Expanded protection for Salesforce and Power Platform
  • Consolidation of vendors

The Challenge

InComm Payments has always prioritized a backup and recovery solution to ensure end-user security and maintain business continuity. They had a cloud backup solution in place and were generally satisfied with its functionality.

However, AvePoint repeatedly emerged as a compelling alternative due to its strong relationship with Microsoft and extensive experience in SharePoint. The comprehensive solution set – including backup, migration, archiving, and reporting – would not only address InComm Payments’s current needs but also position them to tackle future operational demands.

Considering the potential benefits of consolidating their solutions with a single provider, InComm Payments opted to initiate discussions with AvePoint to explore how they could surpass their current capabilities and meet their evolving needs more effectively.

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We’ve seen a lot of growth in Power Platform recently, and when we examined it more closely, we realized that a lot of it is actually business critical. When we discovered that AvePoint was the first to market with a backup solution, it made sense to add it on, especially because we were already saving money on backup in general.

Brian Hightower
Senior Manager, M365 Operations, InComm Payments

The AvePoint Solution

After reviewing demos and other customer success stories, InComm Payments realized AvePoint Cloud Backup not only met but exceeded their existing backup and recovery capabilities for Microsoft 365.

“The interface is straightforward and incredibly intuitive, making setup and configuration a breeze,” says Brian Hightower, Senior Manager, M365 Operations at InComm Payments. “It took us just over a week to get it up and running, which included backing up 350 TB of data across Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint.”

Rigorous testing proved that the solution’s capabilities were thoroughly reliable. The InComm Payments team found the recovery feature particularly helpful for fulfilling common legal requirements, such as exporting entire mailboxes. Cloud Backup streamlines this process, making it easier to create and export mailbox copies than it is to export a mailbox via native methods. This feature has been beneficial for the team, as it has allowed them to meet legal requirements with ease and efficiency.

While cost savings weren't the primary motivator, AvePoint offered competitive pricing, resulting in a 25% reduction compared to their previous solution. This reduced cost includes extended coverage to safeguard Salesforce, offering features like sandbox seeding and robust restores, even metadata, and Power Platform, with support for Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps, ensuring comprehensive protection across all critical data assets and platforms.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in Power Platform recently, and when we examined it more closely, we realized that a lot of it is actually business critical,” Brian explains. “When we discovered that AvePoint was the first to market with a backup solution, it made sense to add it on, especially because we were already saving money on backup in general.”

“AvePoint knows our business challenges and proactively offers solutions, like Power Platform backup,” says Ben Wilkins, Senior Director, Global Workplace Technologies at InComm Payments. “That’s why a good relationship with a vendor is critical. These conversations are much harder when you’re cold-calling vendors, hoping someone has something to meet our needs. Ultimately, we were looking for a partner, and AvePoint has proven to be exactly that.”

Already, InComm Payments has come to AvePoint to help tackle their next challenge: their substantial SharePoint footprint, at 97 TB of data and growing 1 TB every month. This not only clutters their data repositories, but strains their storage resources, threatening to escalate storage costs.

With AvePoint Opus, they can identify unused or inactive content and move it to lower-cost storage tiers or archive it and keep it in place. Should an end-user need to access an archived item, they can request a restore via the access link.

Initially, InComm Payments plans to archive 15 TB by targeting its largest and most inactive sites and migrated file shares, but they will develop a more comprehensive archiving plan after gaining a deeper understanding of their data and user experience.

Brian sums it up: “A company that can do backups and migrations tells me they have a strong grasp on Microsoft 365 data and can handle it wherever it is. AvePoint’s expertise and breadth of knowledge reinforce their ability to meet our needs for any task involving moving, backing up, or manipulating our Microsoft 365 data."

The Road Ahead

InComm Payments found a true partner with AvePoint. The trust and collaboration allowed smoother innovation, ensuring InComm Payments could focus on core operations without multiple vendor relationships. This consolidation facilitated seamless integration and a collaborative environment to explore new opportunities.

"The best part is knowing AvePoint is there. If we have a sudden need, we have a partner who likely has a solution for us," Brian says. "That's reassuring."

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