Salesforce Backup and Restore

Backup your critical Salesforce data and metadata in the cloud. Minimize data loss and downtime in case of user error or service outage.

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Comprehensive Salesforce Data Protection and Availability

Backups for Salesforce don't have to be a headache. Salesforce Data Loader, Change Sets, Exports and Native Backup only give you a partial solution. With our solution, you can automatically backup your Salesforce records and metadata up to 4 times per day while retaining as many copies as you want outside of Salesforce for as long as you want.  

  • Streamline Data Protection
    Our centralized dashboard allows you to monitor usage, run backups on-demand, audit user actions, and configure alerts for bulk changes. 
  • Robust Restore
    With record and metadata comparison you can quickly pinpoint and roll back down to the field or line level from any point in time. 
  • Mitigate Ransomware Attacks
    With AI-driven ransomware detection continuously analyzing your backups, identify and recover from attacks early. 
  • Worry-free Salesforce Protection
    With 100% cloud-based infrastructure and encrypted security, we make robust Salesforce data protection easy.
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Minimize Salesforce Data Loss with Reliable Cloud Backup

Backup critical Salesforce data in the cloud. Minimize data loss and downtime in case of user error or service outage. Secure your Salesforce data with AvePoint Cloud Backup. With one-click setup, automated daily backups, Microsoft Azure encryption, and comprehensive restore options, your Salesforce data is safe with us.

  • Automatic Protection
    Once a day, automatic data backup with the ability to schedule more. Data protection and retention requirements are always met.
  • Comprehensive Recovery
    Access, search, and restore Salesforce data granularly or in bulk, at the organization, object, record, and field level.
  • FedRAMP (moderate) Authorized
    We meet the most rigorous security standards. AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce is FedRAMP (moderate) authorized on Salesforce AppExchange.
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The Cloud Coverage You Need

A Salesforce Backup Solution is Insurance for Your Business

You wouldn't drive without insurance. Don't work without backup. With Cloud Backup for Salesforce, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when it comes time to perform or export a backup, create reports, restore, or secure new data—with just one click.

  • Unlimited Sandbox Seeding
    Build it right the first time. Speed up development by seeding from templates. Anonymize production data with ease. 
  • Metadata, Object and Record Comparison
    Comparison reports let you see how your Salesforce objects, records and metadata have changed between backups. 
  • Flexible, Granular Restore
    Recover an entire Salesforce organization, an object, a record or even a single field through a simple keyword search. 
  • Organization Rollback
    Roll back your records and entities to a specific point in time, letting you roll back and overwrite unintended changes or deletions.
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