Ten Reasons to Love DocAve Backup and Restore

Post Date: 03/23/2012
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​ One of the most commonly asked questions during demonstrations of our data protection product, DocAve Backup and Restore, is what makes it so much better than out of the box or more generic database-based backup solutions for their Microsoft SharePoint content stores? We address this question in a number of ways, but always start off with a few questions of our own:

· What’s the intended purpose (business impact) of your SharePoint environment?

· What level of flexibility for backing up and restoring select content or SharePoint components do you require?

Our customers tend to find that in order to confidently meet the business’s requirements for content availability, DocAve Backup and Restore offers the most comprehensive and flexible solution to meet their unique business requirements.

For organizations that leverage SharePoint in any business critical way, the business usually requires IT to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the availability of SharePoint content. As such, IT must plan for disaster recovery in the event of network failure or downtime, as well as user error for accidental deletions or even corruption. For organizations that are looking to meet SLAs, DocAve simplifies and speeds up backup and restore from the platform level to item level, and, most importantly, in disaster scenarios. Save precious time and overhead on the most common functions, and automate the setup and configuration process so that restores are handled smoothly, especially when you need it the most. For organizations concerned with the supportability of installing a third party product, DocAve Backup and Restore uses only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs, so you’re guaranteed a reliable solution.

On a more tangible level, here are ten features that set DocAve Backup and Restore apart from other available solutions:

1. Backup granularity down to the item level to fully complement platform backup and restore capabilities. Full text search quickly locates items you want to backup

2. DocAve Backup and Restore maintains full fidelity of metadata throughout the backup and restore process, including securities, version histories, authors, and time stamps

3. Expedited restores with proprietary InstaMount technology, and snapshot technology enabling you to keep strict RPOs, RTOs, as well as your SLAs

4. Full customization support - including templates, web parts, custom application databases, Nintex Workflow, NewsGator Social Sites, and KnowledgeLake Imaging Server

5. Efficient storage management via tiered pruning policy application and storage trend analysis

6. Adjustable data compression, and 192-bit 3DES encryption.

7. Zero business disruption during backup processes, as it does not lock content during a job

8. True cross-farm coverage to manage multiple SharePoint instances from a single interface

9. Flexible schedule definition for full, incremental, and differential backups, with configurable email notifications

10. Protection of IIS settings, and Project Server databases, as well as restore to non-SharePoint locations with configurable conflict resolution

This should be more than enough to help you make your decision, but you can get more documentation, download a full working trial, schedule a demo, or contact our 24/7 support staff!

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