Five Ways to Improve Enterprise Information Accessibility with SharePoint

Post Date: 11/25/2014
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I recently wrote an article for SharePoint Pro Magazine discussing how organizations can improve accessibility to information in order to increase productivity – all without replacing their current platforms.

Microsoft has recently embraced the idea of being a productivity enabler, and has taken leaps and bounds to create solutions to address this issue. Being “cloud-first, mobile-first” sounds great, but it may not address the problems that your workforce faces. What about all of the software into which your organization has already invested time, money, and resources? Why can’t you just make it easier to work with what you have?

In the article, I introduce five ways administrators can increase productivity without a need for a migration. They include:

  1. Expose File Shares in SharePoint – Rather than having to waste time searching for content in a legacy system, seek out a solution to expose file share content in SharePoint.
  2. Connect and Integrate Content Repositories – If your organization is using both Box and SharePoint – rather than migrating from one platform to the other, explore solutions that can allow you to integrate the solutions together.
  3. Scan, Tag, and Classify Content Entering SharePoint – Seek out solutions that allow you to establish information governance and compliance policies to ensure that content is classified, secured, and protected appropriately upon entering SharePoint.
  4. Integrate SharePoint and Outlook – Regardless of whether you choose to use native functionality or a third-party solution, integrating these two systems is a sure-fire way to increase productivity.
  5. Designate SharePoint as the Central Records Repository – With SharePoint as the hub for your organization’s content, you can take advantage of native and vendor-created features to help centralize records retention and disposition management for your environment.

To read more about how to improve information accessibility with SharePoint, please visit SharePoint Pro Magazine.

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