What Feds Can Learn from Political Campaigns

Post Date: 11/12/2014
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I recently wrote an article for Federal Computer Week discussing how government agencies can take technology implementation ideas from recent political campaigns and transform them to create a more open, inclusive government system.

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and social media has created the expectation that information will be immediately available wherever we choose. Many government agencies at all levels are evaluating how to provide the capabilities that constituents now expect.

Deciding where to begin can be a daunting task, but lessons learned from the 2012 presidential election can shed light on how technology solutions can improve government administration and public safety while increasing transparency and maximizing citizen engagement.

In the article, I introduce two tech innovations from the 2012 political campaign, how governments are already using technology today, and how agencies can learn from the 2012 campaign and take their plans a step further. For example, mayors and city councils can use voice-over-IP services to host online meetings in conjunction with in-person town hall events. Those services can also give people a voice by conducting polls and surveys in real time. After the meetings, action items can be posted online to improve transparency and ensure that the public remains informed. In addition, social monitoring systems can identify future issues and add them to the agenda for future town hall meetings.

Federal agencies can take advantage of cloud and mobile technologies to modernize their infrastructure, improve coordination among agencies and increase employee productivity. By embracing the cloud, agencies can always have the most current IT services available while also being able to rapidly scale resources up or down to reduce costs.

To read more about how governments can take full advantage of what technology has to offer the public sector, please visit Federal Computer Week.

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