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5 Must-See Sessions at Microsoft Ignite Australia

When it comes to large events like Microsoft Ignite, the first thing that I scroll through are the sessions that are focused on how technology will enable end users to become more efficient and more productive. That is what IT has always promised, but I don’t think it has ever really delivered “the dream”.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen a massive uptake in the Microsoft Cloud, working with customers to accelerate their migrations and enabling them to better manage and protect Office 365 with AvePoint Online Services. Microsoft is doing a great job in the cloud space, and the development lifecycle means that we are getting access to new capabilities quicker than we ever did before. For me, the optimization of Dynamics 365 is where the future really becomes exciting. This undoubtedly allows for more rapid development of “Complete Solutions” instead of the unused feature-heavy, bloated, purely platform solutions of the past.

While I believe there will be a lot of interest around the topics of Block Chain, Machine Learning, and Application Development in Azure, my main interest is in the productivity space. The latest trends in this area are developments in collaboration – just take a look at how many sessions in the catalog cover this topic. The days of email distribution lists with long email threads are coming to an end. More agile and scalable solutions are taking their places. With that in mind, here are my recommendations of sessions you shouldn’t miss at Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017:

Powering IT Transformation with Office 365

Time: 8:15am
Date: Wednesday 15 February
Speakers: Alistair Speirs, Quin Nikel

Your end users want great experiences, you want security and manageability. Office 365; the most complete, secure cloud productivity service. In this session you will hear about new features of Office 365, listen to real world customers and their IT transformation, and see demos that bring together experiences across mobility, collaboration, intelligence, and trust.

Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Yammer… What Should I Use, and When?

Time: 9:45am
Date: Wednesday 15 February
Speakers: Dux Raymond Sy, Blair Hainsworth

Even before Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups came around, it has always been a bit confusing trying to choose which collaboration space or tool to use for different situations. It is still unclear today, and business users have even more options than ever before. This session will share guidance around when to use each collaboration tool from Microsoft.

How do you Build a Modern Portal with Office 365 and On-Premises Data

Time: 9:45am
Date: Wednesday 15 February
Speaker: Elaine van Bergen

As much as the cloud will be dominating conversations at Ignite, the reality is many customers will probably keep certain workloads on premises for the foreseeable future. This session will show how to build a modern portal that incorporates both technologies and is transparent to the business users. I will certainly be sitting in on this exciting session!

The CEO reviewed your project & you won’t believe what happened next…

Time: 5:00pm
Date: Wednesday 15 February
Speakers: Sonia Cuff, Paul Woods

Today, IT projects are still run by IT departments, but when it comes to SharePoint and Office 365 it is not as simple as “If you build it, they will come.” IT really needs to make sure they are delivering solutions that benefit the workforce and not just implementing a solution that demos well. This session will tell you all about the importance of building solutions that focus on business benefits.

Deploying and Governing Office 365 Groups

Time: 11:30am
Date: Thursday 16 February
Speaker: Elaine van Bergen

With the excitement of Groups comes the issue of balancing end user demand with IT governance. Groups make it really easy to share content, so the first part of protecting this information is making sure there is some control over the provisioning of these sites. In this session, you’ll learn the importance and governing Groups and what potentially could happen if you don’t address governance.

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