The Data Problem Stalling AI Success: Key Findings from the AI & Information Management Report

Post Date: 04/26/2024
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These days, AI is everywhere you turn. From heated debates between industry pundits about its transformative potential (or impending job apocalypse) to the constant stream of “groundbreaking, AI-powered innovations” cropping up in every industry, artificial intelligence has taken center stage in conversations, headlines, and boardrooms alike.  

But amid the noise and hype, there’s a fundamental question that often gets drowned out: How do we move beyond the buzzwords and ensure that AI delivers on its promises? It’s a question that AvePoint set out to answer. 

AvePoint gathered insights from over 750 business leaders worldwide to better understand how businesses are utilizing AI today and what truly drives its success. At the heart of this exploration lies the critical role of data — the fuel that powers AI’s engine. 

The resulting AI & Information Management Report not only validates some of our assumptions but also unearths previously overlooked vulnerabilities that organizations must address to unlock AI’s full potential. 

Read the full report, or check out some of the key findings below.  

AvePoint AI IM 2024 infographic


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