Confessions of a Recovering Microsoft SharePoint Addict #WPC14

Post Date: 07/16/2014
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(Note: This is a guest post by Rackspace General Manager of SharePoint and Exchange Services Jeff DeVerter) Hi, my name is Jeff DeVerter – and I'm a recovering Microsoft SharePoint addict. What's a SharePoint addict you ask? Well, that's the person who:
  1. Is insanely passionate about SharePoint.
  2. Thinks that SharePoint should be used for anything and everything.
The recovering SharePoint addict has learned some moderation from too many nights binging on attempting to restore lost data through native tools and restructure farms though a veritable cornucopia of recursive PowerShell commands, or who tries, with much frustration, to track user access and permissions in Microsoft Excel. That was me. A recovering SharePoint addict is still insanely passionate about SharePoint – but the perspective changes. You no longer work on SharePoint for SharePoint's sake, but instead you focus you energies on using SharePoint to make a difference in people's lives as they simply try to get their jobs done. In areas where the tool isn't the right technical tool for the job, you recommend and use a different one. When SharePoint falls short, you augment it with best-in-class tooling. I work for Rackspace and have spent the last six years building and managing our SharePoint practice as we host and serve our customers. We are in the business of making SharePoint run better here than it can anywhere else in the world. As such, we have often found ourselves making excuses for shortcomings in the product or its features and having to either recommend a third-party product or custom development to fix the issue. As we've looked at these issues over the years, we realized that one Rackspace partner was continually recommended to our customers above all others: AvePoint. I started working with AvePoint five years ago and have found its people to be some of the smartest in the SharePoint community when it comes to backup and recovery and on to, well, almost everything else around SharePoint – including governance. That's why I led an effort last year to include certain products within AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform into our default service offering for our hosted SharePoint customers. 80 percent of all the issues we are unable to easily solve for our customers can be solved by using DocAve. Having these capabilities as part of our core service offering is going to have an immediate and tangible impact on the millions of end users who we support on a daily basis. In short, it's going to help all of our Fanatical SharePoint Engineers "recover" a little bit: recover your data, recover some of their day back, and recover some trust in SharePoint itself. Welcome to the team, AvePoint!  We're glad you’re here! Visit AvePoint’s site to learn more about what the partnership means for Rackspace customers.

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