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Talking Compliance at the Tower Bridge in London

​On Wednesday, June 12, AvePoint held its first London Compliance Breakfast at the glorious Tower Bridge. In addition to members of the AvePoint team, including our Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance Dana Simberkoff, attendees were a tightly focused, cross industry, peer-to-peer group who were all genuinely interested and invested in the subject of compliance and were quite hungry for interaction on the topic.

The topic for our first meeting was on the compromise agreements to the proposed European Union (EU) data protection reforms. These sweeping changes will alter the national laws across Europe in terms of how organizations deal with personal data, and have implications for anyone wishing to market and store data of EU citizens globally. This was definitely a topic of interest, as all organizations hold personal data in one form or another. All contributors were eager to discuss their genuine use cases and challenges around the subject, which can be answered by the trust and assurance AvePoint Compliance Solutions provide.

What really stood out for me was how individuals representing different businesses experiencing common compliance challenges were able to talk through them with the AvePoint team as well as their peers and get real help. This type of effort to talk compliance and listen to representatives from many types of organizations is one of the ways that AvePoint is able to understand its customers and better equip them to collaborate with confidence. Many attendees were eager for information on AvePoint Compliance Guardian, and only too happy to chat about their compliance pains around privacy, security, and accessibility.

The group will meet quarterly, and we look forward to gathering attendees from the first meeting along with new ones to discuss challenges around the area of accessibility. Are you interested in joining us? Send us an email to let us know.

Interested to learn how AvePoint can help you with your compliance challenges? Be sure to visit our website today.


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