Preparing for Change at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2013

Post Date: 11/21/2013
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​AvePoint is a proud gold sponsor of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Europe Data Protection Congress 2013. The Congress takes place from December 10-12 in Brussels, Belgium. Leading up to major changes in the data protection landscape expected throughout the country in 2014, the event aims to deliver intensive education and discussion on some of the most important privacy issues affecting organizations today, including international data transfers, big data analysis, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and more. Throughout the event, attendees can meet with our team at booth 20 for compliance advice as well as information about our latest products and solutions that help more than 10,000 organizations worldwide collaborate with confidence. One lucky winner will walk away with a brand new pair of Bose headphones at the end of the event. At 11:15am on Thursday, December 12, AvePoint Compliance Solutions Specialist Ralph O’Brien will present a breakout session entitled “Translating Regulations into Policies: What the EU General Data Protection Regulation Means to Your Collaboration Initiatives”. Based upon real-world examples of how organizations have successfully implemented compliance policies across enterprise social and collaboration platforms, the session will help attendees understand how the updated regulation and promulgation of big data affect collaboration initiatives and learn what they can do to incorporate the regulation into a multi-user big data environment. In advance of the Congress, we reached out to the following three privacy experts to find out why this year’s event is going to be special, what they’re looking forward to most, and how attendees can make the most of their time in Brussels: · Rita Di Antonio, Managing Director, IAPP Europe · Ralph O’Brien, Compliance Solutions Specialist, AvePoint · Dana Simberkoff, Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance, AvePoint Why do you recommend privacy professionals in Europe attend the Congress? Rita Di Antonio: I cannot think of any reasons why one would want to miss it – we have a great line-up of speakers and content, unparalleled networking opportunities (including a bash at Bozar, the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts), and the chance to get involved in a debate that could not be hotter right now. Need I say more? Ralph O’Brien: The IAPP is now the world’s premier organization for privacy professionals, and in Europe the topic has never been more relevant or more important for business. Attendees will be at the forefront of current thinking by gaining access to thought leaders who will dictate the next era of privacy practice and be pre-eminent in the “new frontier” of information management. I can’t think of another upcoming event in Europe that will gather such professionals in one place and provide opportunities to network while learning from the best. Dana Simberkoff: The IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress provides a unique opportunity for privacy professionals to gather with their colleagues to discuss emerging trends in both policy and practice. There are few gatherings in Europe or around the world that offer this level of peer-to-peer networking as well as the opportunity to share best practices, lessons learned, and what worked and what has not for organizations. What do you expect the most prominent topics will be at this year’s event and why? RDA: Needless to say, any debate at the Congress will touch on or stumble upon the European legislative data protection reform and the consequences it entails. On this specific front, I would personally recommend a panel discussion with four European regulators about the specific changes they are facing in light of the reform. Interoperability – the challenges of building a global privacy program and of transferring data across borders (including in the context of the cloud) – will also be discussed, as will slightly more philosophical issues such as government surveillance and the privacy risks faced by society as a whole. Surely, there will be no shortage of topics to discuss or take inspiration from. RO: Obviously the European Union data protection reform will be the hot topic. However, I also expect to hear topics of big data, cloud, pseudo-anonymization, and mobile geolocation data being discussed, and how organisations can gain assurance in a collaborative, real world environment, where traditional, perimeter-based protection is no longer relevant. DS: I expect there will be much discussion about ongoing revelations regarding government surveillance of private citizens in the US, emerging/pending European Union privacy legislation, and the opportunities and challenges in managing privacy and regulatory requirements within global companies that are subject to different and sometimes contradictory legislative frameworks in the countries in which they operate. What advice would you give to someone who is attending their first IAPP event? RDA: Our events – and the Congress in particular – are seeing enormous growth, and I understand it can be daunting for “newcomers” to join a big crowd. My advice to them would be to try and enjoy it! Our events team does a fantastic job mixing education with a bit of fun. If you don’t know anyone at the event, join our five-minute mixer – our speed networking initiative for those too shy to walk up to complete strangers and introduce themselves. Don’t forget your business cards! RO: Get involved! Enjoy the opportunities to network and learn from those around you. Listen, and forge new relationships with experienced professionals in an increasingly important profession. DS: The IAPP events are as much an opportunity to make peer-to-peer connections as they are an opportunity to learn from the presenters. Be sure to use the time to network and introduce yourself to peers across your industry and others. What are you personally looking forward to most about this year’s event? RDA: As Managing Director of IAPP Europe, our events are a fantastic opportunity for me to catch up with our members in Europe, meet new ones, and hear their stories and thoughts about the work we do as an association. In addition, I am really looking forward to sitting in some of the sessions we have planned at the Congress – I know I will ask lots of questions! RO: I’m looking forward to hearing the latest on the European Union reforms, and what the current thinking is in cutting edge approaches to business practice. I also look forward to catching up with colleagues and debating their views on the future of privacy throughout the country. DS: I always look forward to the opportunity to learn from others as well as meet with our customers and other professionals in the privacy and risk management field. As a frequent traveler, what do you recommend attendees do while in Brussels outside of the event? RDA: Brussels is a city full of surprises, I truly enjoy visiting as I discover something new every time I go. The event venue is very close to the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert – which I would recommend to any shopaholics such as myself. For the runners and joggers, the Brussels Park is also close-by. For those with a little extra time on their hands, I would finally recommend visiting the Belgian Comic Strip Center and the Musical Instruments Museum. RO: Take advantage of the social events the IAPP is putting on, such as the dinners and mixers, and enjoy the local food. I’ll be travelling by Eurostar to get some work done on the way. DS: Brussels is a lovely city! Try to take in some of the lovely architecture, museums, and art galleries. Given the timing of this event, there should also be numerous Christmas markets with the work of local artisans, and when in Brussels you must always sample some of the local chocolate! Interested in joining us? Visit the IAPP website to register today!
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