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The big picture of protecting and securing Big Data

I recently had the opportunity to author an article for HelpNetSecurity discussing protecting and securing Big Data for modern organizations.

Today almost every company is dealing with big data in one way or another – including customer data, tracking data, and behavioral marketing information – connecting every aspect of our lives. Although it can be considered trendy and useful, some of the latest “innovations” cross the line from creative to creepy. Take for example a Bluetooth-connected doll that learns how to answer the child’s questions by recording each and every movement or comment in the room. While this is a cutting edge use of technology, that kind of data monitoring can become dangerous when placed in the wrong hands.

Of course every company strives for excellence – the expression “knowledge is power” is certainly a key element in the justification for using big data. The more you know, the better you can prepare for the future. On the other hand, the more information you have, the more you need to protect – and can potentially lose that information, along with money and trust. In a society where the news is filled with new data breaches and information leakages, there are two core aspects a company must consider in order to get dealing with big data right from the start: reputation and trust.

In the article, I discuss how organizations can properly protect and secure their sensitive data – especially as it relates to the Big Data trend.

Unfortunately, some organizations have already learned these lessons the hard way. It’s not time to bury our heads in the sand and hope to not become the next victim. Let’s be proactive and learn from these past mistakes so that we’re not the next ones to wind up the victim of a poorly handled data breach. It’s time to see the big picture of big data not only deals with the potential it has for spurring innovation, it also comes with the great responsibility of securing our most precious information from falling into the wrong hands.

To read more about protecting Big Data, please visit HelpNetSecurity.

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