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AvePoint’s Blockbuster Summer Continues

As you may have read by now, the latest version of AvePoint’s flagship platform, DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 3, was released last week with enhanced disaster recovery, migration, records management, and governance policy enforcement for your Microsoft SharePoint environments. This week, we proudly announced the latest version of DocAve Online – our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform aimed at simplifying Office 365 management. We also recently released DocAve Governance Automation SP 3, our flagship product for automated service and proactive governance enforcement. Earlier this year, we announced new Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions and apps to help organizations boost end-user productivity and simplify data management. We’ve released new SharePoint 2013 and Windows 8 apps as well – all aimed at helping organizations like yours collaborate with confidence. There’s definitely a buzz around AvePoint with all of these exciting releases and announcements, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer such a robust set of tools and capabilities to drive productivity and collaboration while simplifying management and supporting compliance of enterprise content.

This past June marked my five year anniversary at AvePoint, and I can say without a doubt that 2013 is proving to be one of the most exciting yet…and we’re only a little more than halfway through! I’ve been asked before how I am able to keep track of all of the new products, apps, and solutions. It’s simple, really. At AvePoint’s core, we started as an infrastructure management company, specifically in the backup and restore space. And that’s still at the core of everything we do. You see, once we were able to backup, and later restore SharePoint content, with all its moving pieces and components and dependencies, that served as the base for us being able to then move, replicate, manage, migrate, and control that data. And once we can do this with SharePoint content, we were able to translate that and apply it to other Microsoft productivity solutions like Office 365 and Dynamics CRM.

With our latest solutions for increasing transparency between the business and IT, we’re surfacing these capabilities to offer SharePoint as a Service with Governance Automation, and giving people greater insight into the details of their content with AvePoint Compliance Guardian. This has been in response to a shift that I think all of us in technology have felt over the past year especially. Now, more than ever, business users are pushing IT to provide solutions to simplify the way they work as well as deliver these solutions, content, and data in the way they want to consume them – whether that means building business solutions that work on the latest gadget in the CEO’s possession or ensuring data and solution availability by incorporating cloud delivery models.

AvePoint’s latest advancements help organizations to ease this transition, and ultimately deliver better business solutions at a faster rate. We’ve seen the way enterprise content and solutions are delivered and managed in organizations evolve rapidly in our 12 years of experience, and we plan to remain at the forefront of innovation to continue to support organizations’ need to collaborate effectively and drive productivity. We look forward to showcasing all of our existing and forthcoming products and solutions for you! Be sure and reach out to your local AvePoint representative, or contact us online to hear more about what’s new!


  1. Hi Dave. Thanks for your inquiry and for checking out our blog! We’ve had an extremely busy summer packed with multiple product releases and updates, so the purpose of Mary Leigh’s post was to share what we had released up to this point and explain how it ties back to our company history.


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