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AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment (APIA) System Reaches 1,500+ Data Privacy Practitioners

We reached another milestone this week as the AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment (APIA) system surpassed the 1,500 download mark. At the time of this writing, 1,505 practitioners are using the free tool – which is exclusively distributed by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) – to automate the process of evaluating, assessing, and reporting on the privacy implications of their enterprise IT systems.

Data privacy and compliance are not limited to specific industries or regions. These are issues that impact organizations operating within any vertical and throughout all countries. Businesses with foresight are already taking the necessary steps to comply with privacy regulations to avoid substantial fines and reputation damage that is not easily fixed. A quick look at the APIA downloads shows that the tool has already proven useful across 57 different industries and throughout 68 countries. No matter where you work, APIA offers a free system to help you analyze your system privacy risk as well as perform security and vulnerability assessments.

To get started, visit the IAPP website to download APIA for free today. We’ve also included some resources below to help you on your way.

See How APIA Works in Three Simple Steps

For an understanding of how exactly APIA works, watch the video embedded below and see the process presented in three simple steps.

Tips on Installing and Configuring APIA

Watch our on-demand webinar and hear from representatives from both AvePoint and the IAPP as they offer up tips for installing, configuring, and using APIA. Find out how APIA can help you automate, track, and report out on the process of conducting privacy impact assessments (PIAs). While PIAs help organizations, they have traditionally involved a time-consuming and manual process. This webinar explains how APIA is revolutionizing that process.

Learn How APIA is Making a Difference

Read a case study to learn how APIA enabled H3 Solutions to automate its process for performing PIAs around its cloud-based solution, Mobile Entrée. In addition to saving time and eliminating the possibility of human error when carrying out PIAs, H3 Solutions was able to furnish reports for customers proving that its cloud services do not access or store personal data in order to comply with privacy regulations and give users confidence in its solution.

Join the APIA Conversation

Register and join the APIA Forum at the AvePoint Community to connect with other APIA users as well as experts from AvePoint and the IAPP. In addition to tips on how to get the most from APIA, you’ll learn about the future of the solution, get links to helpful PIA resources, and find out about relevant trends throughout the privacy community.


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