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Why Diversity is Critical in Tech Innovation #MSIgnite

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In an ever-changing and rapidly growing world of technology, diversity is one of our strongest assets. Working with people who all think differently, approach problems differently and solve those problems differently are all key factors in the success of an organization. These social, racial, gender and equality issues are each and every one of our responsibilities, and we believe that only by igniting the conversation can we consistently evaluate the diversity landscape.

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That’s why AvePoint is a proud sponsor of Diversity and Tech at Microsoft Ignite. When we talk about what we value and how we succeed as an organization, it comes from the vast diversity of opinions and background of every AvePoint employee. In fact, this falls right in line with our core organizational values of Agility, Passion and Teamwork:

  • Agility: From a customer service perspective, having employees in countries around the world allows us to react swiftly to any issues a client might have. This also gives us much more flexibility when it comes to closing deals with clients.
  • Passion: We’re committed to hearing out each of our employees regardless of background and accepting whatever perspectives they’re coming from.
  • Teamwork: As a company with over 1,100 employees around the world, we’re constantly collaborating—through the power of Office 365—to make our projects as successful as possible.

We’re committed to exemplifying these values not only in what we do, the people we hire and how we work together, but also in how we communicate externally. The more we talk about this as a community and as an industry, the more likely it is that we’ll truly get a diverse workforce.

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Diversity Inclusion Strategies

Girls Who Code

When we talk about women in tech, it isn’t just about getting equality for established women. There has to be an investment from a very early age to develop talent, and that’s an investment that girls traditionally haven’t been able to benefit from. So, for us, it starts with investing in Girls Who Code.


Girls Who Code aims to close the gender gap in the IT industry. They support after school programs for girls between 6th and 12th grade to learn about coding and work on coding projects, all the while bonding with other avid female coders.

Last year we announced AvePoint Philanthropy. Our mission with AvePoint Philanthropy is to impact humanity and drive change through technology, community, and education.

As part of this mission, we held a raffle at the beginning of June to raise a substantial sum to support Girls Who Code. For more on the event, click here.

Regional Volunteer Work in Education

When we talk about inclusion, it actually stems from a place of fostering culture from a very young age. Many minorities were never offered the opportunity to grow, develop and become potential contributors in technology growing up. As such, an investment in education is something that we stand for as a company. We encourage and provide opportunities for all our regional offices to get involved in educational volunteer work. We firmly believe that it’s important to build a culture of volunteering not only to help those in need, but to also gain perspective on the opportunities afforded to us.


I believe that AvePoint is in a great position to make an impact on diversity in the tech industry. Though this barely scratches the surface and there is SO MUCH more that we can and need to do, opening up space to hold the conversation is a step in that direction. If you want to learn more about our journey in the space, be sure to join us at the Diversity and Tech Pre Day session and explore our culture book.

AvePoint’s commitment to diversity in technology stems from within. We are encouraged that our AvePoint colleagues worldwide, leadership team included, embraces diversity.

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Julie Liu
Julie Liu
Julie Liu is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at AvePoint, a SaaS and data management platform that manages and protects data to secure collaboration in the Microsoft cloud, SharePoint, Salesforce, and Google. Julie is an industry-recognized marketing leader, most recently mentoring others to create scalable marketing strategies, launching a sustainable global partner program, and establishing AvePoint as a publicly-traded company.


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