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AvePoint Cloud Update March Madness!

Get your brackets ready, it’s that time of year again! With March Madness kicking off this weekend, here are our expert picks for all the latest AvePoint cloud updates rolling out this March.

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New Product Alert! Introducing….AvePoint EnPower

AvePoint EnPower provides comprehensive access and control for virtual or multi-tenant cloud SaaS management. Scale and transform how you manage Microsoft 365 tenants with one central location for reports viewing, cloud services objects management, workflows, security management, and more! Read this blog post to learn how AvePoint EnPower can help your organization scale and transform Microsoft 365 management. Plus, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar on March 24 to learn how you can manage Microsoft 365 in a way that makes sense to your organization.


What’s new in Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365?

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and becoming one of the top security threats for organizations. With this release, we’ve built ransomware resiliency within Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365. Cloud Backup can now easily detect any unusual events, perform a swift investigation, and quickly restore to a safe point to ensure minimal disruption to user productivity. Check out this blog post to learn more about ransomware detection capabilities with Cloud Backup. Additionally, new, flexible retention policies now enable backup data to be retained for less than one year, and with new hub site connection protection, hub site connections can now be preserved when restoring the associated SharePoint, Group, Yammer, and Teams sites.

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What’s New in Cloud Backup for Google Workspace?

The way we recover data that has been “shared with me” has changed. We now will only recover that data exclusively to the owner of that shared link and not to everyone’s “shared with me” files.

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What’s New in Cloud Backup for Salesforce?

Restore performance is now as much as five times faster for restoring multiple objects! Plus, there’s a new restore mode to accelerate restore progress for express restores – intended for single-use or urgent requests. While it may not guarantee that there won’t be duplicate data, this improves the speed when checking against Salesforce data.

Are you prepared for the before, during, and after of a ransomware attack? See how Cloud Backup can help

Cloud Governance

What’s New in Cloud Governance?

To ensure there is always an accountable person for guest users, there’s now a guest user contact election process to help find a replacement contact if a contact for a guest user is no longer active in Azure AD. Additionally, the new Change Private Channel Setting service is now available for self-service change requests for Microsoft Teams private channels. Plus, this release introduces renewal process updates – Cloud Governance will now maintain an audit history of all items during the renewal process, even if there was no change, and you can now export the audit history into an easy to read Excel file!

Looking for ways to improve how your organization handles Microsoft 365 governance? Read this blog post for some valuable insights on ownership.

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What’s New in Cloud Records?

Cloud Records has a totally new user interface, with a fresh, new, modern look to better reflect the modern workplace! The core functionality of Cloud Records remains the same, but how you interact with it is now different. In addition, Cloud Records continues to enhance physical records management by adding new usability features, and with this release, admins will now have the flexibility to create custom containers over and above the traditional physical options. Plus, end users can now return loaned items to their home location.

Learn how to lift the burden of traditional records management while improving user productivity via this on-demand webinar.

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What’s New in Cense?

Manage multiple users assigned to a single subscription with new search and filter capabilities. Control multiple user subscriptions in bulk to add or remove multiple users from one subscription type. Plus, new enhanced reporting now offers intelligent license suggestions that help you capture potential savings to maximize your license investments.

Need help navigating Microsoft 365 license management challenges? Click here to learn how AvePoint Cense can make the process as seamless as possible.


What’s New in Policies?

The new Orphaned User Restriction rule helps scan users or groups that were deactivated or removed in Azure AD and clean up this data on a regular basis. Use the new Site Quota Enforcement policy to set up the maximum storage volume of site collections to make sure that quotas are always enforced. Specify users to become the owners of Groups or Teams with the new Ownership Enforcement rule. Plus, Cloud Governance integration allows you to skip monitoring the deletions performed by app profiles and services accounts used by AvePoint Online Services with the new Groups/Teams Deletion Restriction rule.

New private channel support is here to apply policies to content created and managed by private channels including content creation, deletion restriction, direct sharing prevention, and more! And, with new Cense integration, if there’s a violation against a Cense-related policy, the employee’s manager will be notified via an automatic email alert. Plus, you can now target specific groups of users with new metadata filtering capabilities when utilizing Cense rules for proactive license management.

What’s New in Insights?

The External User Dashboard now highlights the top analysis to make filters more prominent as well as track against all external users in Azure AD for easier management of external users. Plus, as direct permissions are not the only way external users are added to projects, Insights now offers the ability to filter groups with external users to identify where permissions were granted indirectly. In addition, a summary report of external users can now be exported through Insights.

Learn how using AvePoint’s Risk Assessment tool through Policies & Insights can help you find holes in your M365 environment through this on-demand webinar.

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What’s New in Confide?

View newly-created tasks directly through the Confide dashboard. Plus, a new Insights page has been added to provide a comprehensive understanding of your project’s progress, including its health condition, document volume, top contributions, trends, and more! Additionally, creating new projects is now easier than ever with out-of-the-box templates for a quick and easy startup.

Learn more about how AvePoint’s Confide VDR solution helps enable secure M&A collaboration for organizations everywhere.

MSPs, We’ve Got You Covered!

The updated AvePoint Customer Directory page now provides you with new columns for product and license type. The new product launch button makes it easier to quickly launch products for your customers! Plus, when customer licenses expire, you will now receive a notification seven days before their customer data is soft deleted. Additionally, we’ve improved Elements Pro capabilities by allowing multi-tenant template enablement – this is done right at the Customer Directory level. For scenarios such as new customer onboarding or Teams, OneDrive, and workspace changes, new easy template provisioning allows for streamlining efficient tenant changes that would otherwise be done manually across various locations.​​​​​​​


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Esther Merel
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