Expand Your MSP Practice With Elements Platform March Updates

Post Date: 03/05/2023
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As our partners grow their businesses, managing and automating operations plays a crucial role. When you’re operating heads-down on your business, you need a platform that can provide you with insights into everyday tasks and simplify management.

AvePoint continues to empower Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to drive operational efficiencies and accelerate digital transformation for their customers. We are hyper focused on helping you drive better support across systems with API integrations, activate value-added services to grow your monthly recurring revenue, and provide the insights you need to stay informed and improve customer retention as you grow your practice. In this release, we continue to build on those beliefs. Here’s a look at what’s new for March:

What’s New in the Elements Portal? 

Powerful integrations to support data across systems: Cloud Backup API Enhancements
We’re continuing to invest in and add more features into our APIs. With this release, the Elements Platform offers expanded API capabilities for Cloud Backup so you can now retrieve the following backup job details: name (plan/organization name), job ID, warning items count, failed item count, successful item count, skipped item count, backup size, start time of job, end time of job, and total job duration.

Activate value-added services at scale: Pool Licensing for Marketplace Orders
You can now purchase pool licensing for Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 in distribution marketplaces (Ingram, Synnex, TechData, and AppXite) with auto-sync licensing. If your customer has assigned product licenses in Microsoft 365, the number of user seats will be the same as the number of assigned Microsoft 365 licenses. Newly added subscriptions will be automatically adjusted, and existing subscriptions will keep the number of user seats.

Customer Intelligence across customers, users, and AvePoint products: Aggregated Audit Reports
Elements now offers auditing capabilities that track not only the activities of user actions within Elements itself, but now also track the activity of what your users are doing within specific AvePoint products. New auditing capabilities enable you to generate a single report that aggregates all actions taken by selected Elements users in your customer’s Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, AvePoint Online Services, and Policies and Insights environment within a designated time range.

To learn how you can take advantage of these latest updates to extend and differentiate your modern, cloud-based managed service offerings, visit our website.


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